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What is the apft walk standards

What is the minimum passing score for an army APFT? 60 Score tables are found in Army FM 7-22 and on Department of the Army Form 705, Army Physical Fitness Test Scorecard. The score for

What is the hrc of 1018 steel

What is the hardness of 1018 steel? AISI 1018 Steel, cold drawn Component Weight % Hardness, Knoop 145 Converted from Brinell hardness. Hardness, Rockwell B 71 Converted from Brinell hardness. Hardness, Vickers 131 Converted from

How long can formula milk stay out

How long can baby formula sit out before it goes bad? How Long Can a Bottle Keep at Room Temperature? Throw out any prepared or ready-to-feed formula that’s been sitting out for 2 hours or

How do i enable cookies on my iphone

How do I know if cookies are enabled on my iPhone? Enable Cookies in Safari on iPhone On your iPhone, open the “Settings” App. Return to the Home Screen by pressing the round button underneath

How much do pa make in california

How much money do PA’s make in California? The average salary for a physician assistant is $87,030 per year in California. How much does a PA make in California an hour? Mid-level physician assistants received

Where did tango originated

Where did the tango originate and why? The Argentine Tango originated in the streets of Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Montevideo, Uruguay, in the late 19th century. The roots of this dance lie in African candombe,

What does 30 chance of rain mean

Is 30% chance of rain alot? The forecast of a 30 percent chance of rain can mean all of the area will get rain if it rains, but the forecaster has only a 30 percent

What is osha what is its purpose

What is OSHA and what is its purpose quizlet? OSHA is the occupation safety and health administration, a division of the department of labor. It’s purpose is to establish and enforce safety standards for the

How can i foster a child

How much do foster parents get paid? The average amount as estimated here that a foster parent receives monthly is approximately $20-25 per day. With a day being 24 hours long, this is about $1

How many seeds does an apple have

Do all apples have 5 seeds? Most apple cores contain around 5 apple seeds. However, this amount will vary based on the health of the plant. You would need to finely chew and eat about
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