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How to Cook Sausages in the Oven

People highly encourage oven baked foods due to its ability to lessen the fats from the food. It’s a healthier way of cooking than deep frying or using oil when sautéing. It makes the food

How to Memorize Lines

Being an actor is not an easy job. Great actors and actresses made it look easier because of how perfectly they can do their lines and acting. But the truth is, even pros are also

How to Make Bath Bombs without Citric Acid

Bath bombs pack promises of bubbles, colors, and happiness in an otherwise routinely task. They’re great for infusing scents and fun during your bath time. Bath bombs can be bought from many places in many

How to Manifest Love

As they say, all you need is LOVE. Love is one of the beautiful words in the vocabulary and when every time we see it, we can’t help but smile. Everyone needs to love and

How to Boil Lobster

Lobsters must be the priciest but the tastiest seafood in the world. One reason for that is the amount of efforts it takes to catch it. That’s why it’s a prize to behold and cooking

How to Purl

It’s autumn and it’s a fun time to try and learn how to knit. Making your own knitted sweatshirts, beanies and scarves is a huge reward especially knowing that you made it from scratch. All

How to Play Beer Pong

Are you getting bore at home due to the pandemic? Entertain yourself, family members and housemates with a classic game that all college students love. Recreate your very own pint pong session in the comforts

How to Make Holy Water

In the Catholic Church, Holy Water is one of the most sacred items in the vicinity. It’s believed to cleanse objects and even provide healing to some illnesses. You’ll notice churchgoers dipping their fingers to

How to Water Orchids

Orchids are one of the loveliest plants to grow indoors. They’re pretty and low maintenance unlike other indoor plants. Even though that’s the case, these pretty blooms still need proper care and monitoring to keep