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How do you can tomatoes

What is the best method for canning tomatoes? As each jar is filled, stand it on rack in canner of hot, not boiling, water, which should cover jars by 1 to 2 inches. (Add additional

What happened to artie lange nose

Why hasn’t Artie Lange fixed his nose? Comedian Artie Lange shared that the appearance of his botched nose has helped motivate him to stay sober for more than seven months – and he won’t get

Can i eat french fries with high cholesterol

Can you eat potatoes if you have high cholesterol? Same goes for loading up mashed potatoes with butter, sour cream, and milk. These all add fats to the potatoes, and trans or saturated fats are

Do tankless water heaters need a drain pan

Does a non condensing tankless water heater need a drain? The excess heat that is not transferred to the water is expelled through the exhaust venting. This exhaust is higher temperature than on a condensing

How to create a questionnaire

What are the examples of questionnaire? Some examples of a questionnaire are: Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire: This type of research can be used in any situation where there’s an interaction between a customer and an organization.

Is sister patterson really new york s mom

Who is New York’s mother? Michelle Rothschild-PattersonTiffany Pollard/Mothers What happened to Tiffany Pollards baby? Tiffany Pollard found out she was enceinte on Family Therapy but now she’s confirming to Steve Harvey that she miscarried the

How to make a slideshow on youtube

How do you make a slideshow on YouTube? How do you make a slideshow on YouTube 2020? Create a Photo Slideshow in YouTube While you are on the YouTube website, click the Upload button and

What are some good truth or dare questions

What is a good truth or dare question? What’s the biggest mistake you’ve ever made? What’s the most disgusting thing you’ve ever done? Who would you like to kiss in this room? What’s the worst

How to start a business instagram account

How do I start an Instagram business account? SET UP YOUR INSTAGRAM BUSINESS ACCOUNT In settings , find Account and tap Switch to professional account. Pick a category that best describes your business, then select