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Examples of socialism working

Which countries are run by socialism? Marxist–Leninist states Country Since Party People’s Republic of China 1 October 1949 Communist Party of China Republic of Cuba 1 January 1959 Communist Party of Cuba Lao People’s Democratic

How to become a spiritual coach

How much do spiritual life coaches make? As of May 27, 2021, the average annual pay for a Spiritual Coach in the United States is $50,054 a year. How do you become a spiritual coach?

How to become a first responder

How long does it take to become a first responder? You don’t need a degree to become a certified first responder, but you do need to earn certification. To do so, you must first complete

How to clean patio furniture

What is the best way to clean outdoor furniture? You’ll need a sponge soaked in detergent or your favorite all-purpose nonabrasive cleaner. Just scrub, rinse and dry with a soft cloth. To maintain the shine