How to reset idrive bmw

How do I reset my BMW f10 iDrive?.. Try pressing the volume button in and holding it for 30 seconds. You should get the BMW screen and it will reboot. How do you delete personal

How to write background information

What is an example of background information? Background information is the additional information your reader needs to know to understand your work. It might include things like definitions, historical context, current events that have bearing

How to contact jimmy fallon

How do I email the Tonight Show? Scan the letter, then email it to! Who is Jimmy Fallon’s manager? EXCLUSIVE: As he is negotiating a new deal with NBC that would pave the way

How to freeze cheddar cheese block

Can you freeze cheese blocks? According to the National Dairy Council, cheeses that are sold pre-shredded or in solid blocks can be stored in the freezer (tightly wrapped in aluminum foil, then place in a

How to clean shag carpet

How do you make a shaggy rug fluffy again? How do you clean a matted shag rug? For matted or dirty shag rugs, RugKnots likes using dry shampoo and a rug brush. Some shag rugs

Difference between religion and spirituality

Why is it important to distinguish between religion and spirituality? Religion aims to build one’s character. It shapes one’s beliefs, attitudes, and actions by giving importance to the adherence of rules. This unites people who

Types of palm trees

What is the prettiest palm tree? Learn About the Most Beautiful Types of Palm Trees Cat Palm. This palm tree can be grown indoors and gets up to 6 feet tall. Butterfly Palm. Chinese Fountain

How to store sourdough discard

How long does sourdough discard last? At room temperature (70 F), sourdough discard should last about 1-2 days. Beyond that, it won’t go bad necessarily, it will just become more acidic as time goes on

How to spell response

How do you spell responce or response? The main difference between Responce and Response is that the Responce is misspelled and The act of responding or replying; reply: as, to speak in response to a

How to delete duolingo course

How do you delete a course on duolingo 2021? Why can’t I delete a language on duolingo? Go to settings (top right drop down menu from profile) > learning languages (right) > reset or remove
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