Every labor progresses at its speed. In case your cervix is ripe and soft, a light push will be all you need to trigger those contractions. But if your cervix requires more time, then it might take you more time before the delivery process takes place.

Labor induction can happen anywhere from a few days to a few hours to the delivery process. Sometimes, labor induction may fail to work at all. However, before turning your focus to all the medical interventions to induce labor, here are several attempts you can make to prepare for labor induction.

  1. Set Realistic Expectations

Probably you didn’t have an induction in your mind. Well, make sure you develop an open mind towards what’s coming ahead of you. Induced labor is different compared to naturally occurring labor. However, that doesn’t mean you have to kick away the entire birth plan.

Take some moment to consider how you feel and think about the labor and the overall delivery schedule.

  1. Ask Your Doctor About The Induction Process, Don’t Google

Never be afraid to ask. The entire process will be less scary if you understand your expectations. Each hospital and doctor have a specific protocol. Ensure you know the induction methods that your doctor is preparing to use plus the activities that will happen when the labor fails to start at each step.

Furthermore, you’ll also want to enquire about the Bishop Score. This is a new way to assess the cervix then decide whether it’s the best for induction. Your nurse will perform an internal exam to check the measurement under which your cervix is dilated, how firm or soft it is, and whether it’s facing backward or forward.

  1. Take A Walk

Walking will assist in stirring the baby into moving downward in your body. Immediately the baby’s head adds pressure on the cervix; labor isn’t that far behind. You can try walking for about 20 minutes. You can try moving up a steep hill. Doing this will make your body lean in front at an angle.

Make sure you lean at a 45-degree angle to make the baby move facing towards the lower direction.

  1. Do A Body Massage

Having a relaxed body massage will make your body stay calm. Ensure the massage practitioner is aware of giving a prenatal massage. When getting your massage, ensure you lie down facing the left side, then place a pillow on your knees to add more support to your body.

  1. Use Castor Oil

Using castor oil stimulates your bowels and triggers intestinal cramps. Through contracting your bowel and intestinal muscles, you’ll end up causing uterine contractions. These methods result in diarrhea that will be uncomfortable.

To use castor oil, mix 59 ml of castor oil in a cup, then take it all at once. You can alternate with an in-home enema, but make sure you use this procedure only once, then continue with maximum caution. This can clear your bowels out, leaving you uncomfortable and dehydrated.

  1. Stimulate Your Nipples

This is another way you can use to induce uterine contractions. Use your forefinger and thumb to roll the nipple for at least 3 minutes. Allow it rest for 3 minutes, then go on with this process for 20 minutes.

When there are no contractions, ensure you increase the rolling action from 3 minutes to 5 minutes. Apply olive oil on your hand while stimulating your nipples to avoid irritations.

  1. Have Sex

Sex with your partner will help in the release of prostaglandins, which are the same as hormones in your body. Prostaglandins are essential as they can help in inducing labor. Additionally, sperm coming from ejaculation will dilate and soften the cervix making your body ready for labor.

Also, having an orgasm triggers the production of prostaglandins. Therefore, if you aren’t in sex moods, you can have a personal orgasm. Please don’t have sex in case your water is broken already. Doing this can place you at infection risk.

  1. Take A Warm Bath, Then Try Visualizing.

Having rest on a warm bath will assist in relaxing your body, thus releasing the muscle tension. Ensure that you are using warm water, not too hot nor cold. Don’t stress your body with too much heat.

Sit in a meditative manner then imagine the beginning of the birth process. Take a deep breath then visualize the contractions starting. Have an image that your body is moving down further to the birth canal.