A bong is a piece of filtration equipment popularly used for smoking cannabis. This is due to the smooth nature that it hits, its ease of use, accessibility, and how fast the effects of cannabis functions.

Therefore, if you are still a beginner to using cannabis, using a bong may look like a game-changer, but in a real sense, it’s simple. If you feel ashamed in front of your friends to ask for help on how to use a bong, then this step-by-step guide will teach you how to smoke a bong.

Components of a Bong and How They Work

  • Bowl Piece: This equipment holds the cannabis when smoking and attaches itself to the downstream. It has a bowl shape and has a hole on both ends that allows smoke to move to the base.
  • Downstem: it’s a connecting piece between the bowl piece and the bong and holds the bowl piece properly and connects the bowl and the base. The downstem channels the smoke from the bowl piece directly to the bottom of the bong.
  • Carb: A tiny hole on the back or the side of the bong on top of the waterline. It’s usually found on cheaper bubbles or plastic bongs. The main aim of carb to permit more air inside the bong that makes it easy to inhale the smoke.
  • Base: the lower part of the bong that holds water is also referred to as a ‘beaker’ orwater chamber,’ and it’s where smoke stores up as the cannabis are burning up.
  • Neck: A tube that connects the upper side of the base to the mouthpiece, and it’s the place where smoke passes while inhaling.
  • Mouthpiece: a tiny circular ring on the upper side of the bong where you place your lips to form an airtight seal.
  • Ice Catcher: used in holding ice cubes in the neck of the bong, and most bongs come with these small ice catches that trap ice and prevent it from going down to the base. Most people use ice cubes to make the hit cooler and smoother.

Step 1: Prepare the Bong

Begin by filling the bong with water, and the amount to use depends on the shape and size of the device. A nice rule of thumb is filling the bong properly until its downstem opening is about 1-inch below the water. Coldwater is most preferred, but you can also use ice cubes if your bong features an ice catcher.

Step 2: Grind the Cannabis

You can grind the cannabis using a grinder, scissors, or your hands. When using a grinder, make sure you break off a few cannabis nugs. Ensure you remove any seeds and stems, then push them down to the grinder’s teeth. After that, spin the upper piece of the grinder until all the cannabis moves down to the lower compartment.

When using your fingers, rub the cannabis buds properly on your fingers. In case it’s too sticky and not crushing up properly, collect the leaves one by one until you get enough to add on the bowl piece. When using a pair of scissors, begin by cutting the cannabis slowly into small pieces as you place it inside the bowl. You can use the tips of the scissors to cut the cannabis more finely.

However, when using your hands or a pair of scissors, try and grind the cannabis to their finest texture. Doing this helps cannabis to burn properly, thus creating a nice airflow.

Step 3: Place The Grounded Cannabis into The Bowl Piece

Begin by placing the large-sized cannabis pieces inside the bowl as the large particles cover the hole and protect the finely grind cannabis from passing through.

Having done that, pack the ground cannabis until you feel satisfied with the quantity. But be careful not to pack the cannabis in the hardest way, or else you’ll end up clogging the hole, thus restricting the airflow. If you want to loosen it, use your finger or a toothpick.

If you are a beginner, start using a small-sized bowl, then figure out the quantity of cannabis that suits you.

Step 4: Get Comfortable Before Smoking

When smoking a bong, begin first by finding an area where you can comfy in and relax. Many people like smoking bong while seated.

Next, hold the bong using your non-dominant hand. Make sure you grip the bong around the neck. Now use the dominant hand that’s free to light the bong. When inside the house, make sure you are close to an open window.

Have water or any other beverage close to you that you’ll drink immediately after smoking, and make sure there are no flammable things close to you.

Step 5: Take a Few Deep Breaths

Make sure you are taking a few deep breaths. The additional oxygen in your lungs allows you to inhale the bong for longer hours. Furthermore, this reduces the chances of coughing.

Once you are ready to smoke, take a deep breath out to create a space in your lungs. You should have as much space as possible in your lungs, and doing this will help you inhale for longer hours.

Step 6: Place your Mouth on the Mouthpiece

Now put your lips on the mouthpiece, then develop an airtight suction. Make sure your lips are inside the mouthpiece. Also, the piece of the mouthpiece should press against your mouth area.

While inhaling, be sure to make an airtight seal using the mouthpiece and your lips. Furthermore, relax your lips and push them outwards lightly to create a seal.

Step 7: Find a Lighter

Use a lighter that works! But a pocket lighter is the best when lighting a bong, although any other type of lighter will do the task. Now use the free hand to light a lighter. Move the lighter sideways, then bring the flame close to the bowl piece. Make sure the flame touches the top of the cannabis.

Step 8: Start Inhaling

Begin inhaling, the smoke should slowly begin building up at the lower side of the bong. The smoke should not be in your lungs nor your mouth yet. You are simply using your breath to inhale in more smoke inside the chamber. After some seconds, the neck of the bong and the smoke chamber will get cloudy.

In case it’s your first time to smoke a bong, make sure you inhale smoke until it’s half of the chamber. Slowly inhale as you gradually draw smoke inside.

Step 9: Inhale the Smoke

Take the lighter away once you have enough smoke. After that, take the bowl piece away from the downstem, then inhale the smoke. Make sure you inhale the smoke properly until it gets to your lungs

When running out of breath before the smoke inhalation, take your mouth away from the mouthpiece, then quickly cover it using your hand. Then hold your breath and immediately you get ready, inhale the smoke.

Step 10: Exhale the Smoke

When inside the house, slowly blow out the air towards the window and when smoking with a group of friends, look up towards the sky then low the air.

After exhalation, place back the bowl piece on the downstem, and if you are smoking alone, there is some cannabis remaining on the bowl that you can relight when ready. When smoking with friends, pass the bowl to the next person.

Step 11: Pack up the Bong

Remove the downstem and the bowl piece, then pour the water using the downstem hole. Afterward, rinse the bong using some clean water, then assemble it. Store it in a good place.