Beeping smoke detectors are one of the best safety features in our homes. It doesn’t only warn us from potential fire but it also helps us to practice safety by using all appliances correctly and avoid smoking inside the house.

But, it can happen when it just blares whenever you’re cooking or baking and the food is burning making the smoke detector go on. Here’s how to turn it off the right way:

Turning off the Smoke Detector

Step 1 Know what kind of smoke detector you have

It’s important to know the type of smoke detector you possess at home. There are two types: hardwired and standalone smoke detector. You should be able to identify this immediately since both are not physically the same.

Step 2 Press the off button

  • For a hardwired smoke detector, you will see a button that you can press. Grab a tall chair or a ladder to access the smoke detector if it’s located on a higher ceiling. Be careful to not fall while doing this task. Press the button of the smoke detector and the alarm should come off. Some alarms might take time to turn off depending on the brand. Know if you have to long press the button or if one press is enough to turn it off.
  • For a standalone smoke detector, it is done with the same approach. Locate where the off button is and press it to turn it off. In some instances, the alarm takes time to turn off. If you really like to stop it from blaring, you may opt to take out the batteries instead and the blaring will automatically stop. But, be sure to return the batteries as soon as possible so it can still continue to function.

Step 3 Clear out the room from smoke

If the house got really smoky, it’s best to clear out the smoke by opening the doors and windows. This way, the smoke won’t trigger the other smoke detectors on. Smoke can travel really far and might be detected by other smoke detectors inside the house. You can also use a fan to help drive out the smoke outside the house.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is my smoke detector kept on beeping?

One of the causes why your smoke detector keeps on beeping is due to low battery power. It’s the same for hardwired and standalone smoke detectors. Both operate with batteries and it’s important to monitor the last time you changed the batteries. To avoid future problems, always change the smoke detector’s batteries regularly.

  • Why is my smoke detector beeping even with no smoke?

Most likely the smoke detector has detected some sort of steam that triggered it for blaring. Check the kitchen, bathroom and the appliances if there are any traces of steam. Also, you may want to relocate your smoke detector if it’s situated near the heater. Heaters can also trigger the smoke detector if it gets too hot.

  • Why is my smoke detector not working after changing the batteries?

Some types of smoke detectors will automatically turn off when the batteries are removed. That means, you would need to reset the smoke detector. Press the button and hold it for at least 15 seconds until you see a beep. That’s a sign that you’ve successfully reset the smoke detector and it should be working well now.

Remember, always be cautious at home and keep your smoke detectors in check. After turning it off, make sure that you turn it on so it would keep working and protect the house from possible fire hazards.