Does bo2 on PC have controller aim assist?

For some reason I posted this topic asking if BO2 or BO1 on PC has aim assist and I got alot of mixed answers so I decided to test it out myself.

Does bo2 plutonium have aim assist?

How do you turn off aim assist in Black Ops 2?

Actually, it is the best response as you CAN turn off aim assist in BOTH Black Ops and Black Ops2. It is in the game options, and in Black Ops 2 it is under the look sensitivity and is called Target Assist. Just disable it and no more aim assist.

Can you get banned for aim assist?

Think of it like a more intense version of aim assist. The only way that you can use soft aim is if you download a third-party application to alter the game for you. Like any other form of hacking, this is a bannable offense. Therefore, not only should it be banned, but it is banned.

How do you get aim assist on Black Ops 2 PC?

Does bo4 PC have aim assist?

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s aim assist will be off when using a controller on PC. In the Reddit post, a community manager stated definitively that “aim assist with controllers will be off on PC in competitive PvP modes.” …