Can you buy a ticket on a train?

If there are no ticket purchasing facilities at the station (such as a booking office or a ticket machine, or they are closed/out of service), you may be able to buy your ticket on board the train.

How do I get my train tickets?

A. To book train tickets online, log on to the EaseMyTrip website and click on the train tab. Search trains for your preferred route and date and then check availability. If your tickets are available, you can proceed to next step. If there is waiting list, you can still go for booking your train tickets.

How do you get a train ticket on your phone?

An mTicket is a train ticket held on your mobile device in a rail travel app. Just download one of the free apps and purchase a ticket online for participating stations.

Using your mobile ticket is simple, just:

  1. Purchase and receive your mobile ticket on your phone.
  2. Scan your mobile ticket at the gate.
  3. Hop on your train.

Do you have to print train tickets?

Digital tickets are QR codes that hold the same information as a paper ticket. An eticket and Mobile Ticket are two different types of digital ticket. Choose these when booking your journey with us and scan them directly from your phone, no need to print.

Can I print my train tickets at home?

No queues, no fuss, just print your ticket from home or work. Not all routes offer self-print, but certain train operating companies now offer this option on some or all of their routes. Remember, self-print tickets are only available for Advance tickets.

Can I travel without printout of I ticket?

Yes, instead of carrying a printout or hard copy of your Indian Railways train ticket, IRCTC now sends you SMS-based tickets that can be shown to the Travelling Ticket Examiner (TTE). In order to book tickets online, the passenger can simply log on to the official website of IRCTC by using his/her name and password.

How do I print my plane ticket?

To print out your boarding pass prior to your arrival at the airport, you can go to the airline’s (from which you are scheduled to fly with) website. You will need to enter the last name of the passenger traveling and confirmation number.

Can I travel only with PNR number in train?

Can we travel with a PNR number but without a counter ticket in the Indian railway? yes u can travel without the ticket if u have the PNR no. and the seat no u have reserved, u can go to the TC and show your valid ID proof so that TC can verify your seat no. from the reservation chart.

Is SMS enough for train ticket?

You can now book your railway tickets on your mobile phone and show the SMS to the travelling ticket examiner as a proof. Indian Railways has recently launched a new facility called ‘M-ticket‘ that allows passengers to board a train without taking a printout of the booked ticket — the SMS is proof enough.

What if railway ticket is lost?

If the ticket that is confirmed or RAC is torn or mutilated, a duplicate ticket can be issued on collection of 25 per cent of the fare, after the preparation of reservation chart. Before chart preparation, charges are same as applicable for issue of duplicate ticket in lieu of the lost/misplaced ticket.

Is General coach available in train?

There will be no unreserved coach in the train. Fare shall be as normal and for General (GS) coaches, being reserved, second seating(2S) fare shall be charged and seat will be provided to all the passengers. Only online E-Ticketing will be done through IRCTC website or through Mobile App.

Is reservation compulsory in train?

Passengers who wish to travel in Indian Railway trains must reserve their seat in advance for all classes of travel except for General/Unreserved coaches. The railway reservation facility allows you to travel in the train and travel class of your choice with a berth/seat allotted against your name.

Can I travel in train with RAC E ticket?

Passengers with a confirmed eticket are permitted to board the train. Their names will appear on the chart. Names of passengers with Partially Waitlisted/Confirmed/RAC PNRs will appear on the chart (including the Waitlisted passengers). Only the passengers with Confirmed/RAC status are allowed to board the train.

Is 2S in train reserved?

2S stands for Second Sitting, it is a reserved class and your ticket will have your seat number, it is not the same as General Compartment which is Unreserved Class (UR).

What type of seat is 2S in train?

Second seater: 2S Second Seating, lowest class where the seats are in form of benches may or may not be with cushion. CC means AC chair car, usually preffered for short distances & is commonly found in Shatabdi trains.

Which is better cc or 2S?

2S is a Non AC class coach which are the cheapest class to travel by the Indian Railways. This class is common in most daytime Intercity and Janshatabdi trains. 2S can be reserved or unreserved.

Second Seating or 2S:

Class Fare (Rs.)
Chair Car (CC) 665
Sleeper (SL) 315
Second Seating (2S) 180

Which class is 2S in train?

Indian Railways fare classes explained
Code Class Name Bedding
FC First Class Extra
CC AC Chair Car N
SL Sleeper N
2S Second Sitting N
Oct 1, 2008

How many classes are there in a train?

There are 8 different classes on Indian Railways, but not all of them are available on every train.

What is 2S and SL in train?

CC – AC Chair Car 2S – Seater Class: SL – Sleeper class: 1A – AC First Class: 2A – AC Second Class: 3A – AC Third Class: Plan Your India Tour.