Can Etsy force a refund?

Yes they can. I had a buyer claim her item of used and not new and wanted a partial refund. I only and consistently offered full refund once the item was shipped back using the shipping label i sent her. Etsy forced me to issue her partial refund.

Who is the head of Etsy?


How do I send a message to buyer on Etsy?

You would add your shop URL. Another Etsy message to buyers example can be something simple like this: Thank you for visiting us and making your first purchase! We’re glad that you found what you were looking for.

Should I message a buyer on Etsy?

The Message to Buyers is a short note you can include in the Etsy order confirmation email that your buyers receive after purchasing. Consider using your message to thank your customer for their purchase, inform them about standard shipping practices, or provide any other information you think they may need to know.

Does Etsy ask customers for reviews?

How do you ask for reviews on Etsy? Sellers are allowed to request reviews from customers who have purchased. The only restriction is that they cannot incentivise a buyer to leave a review through coupons or offers.

How do I politely ask for an Etsy review?

Finally, you can ask for a review by sending a message to your buyer. Click on “Orders & Shipping” in the Shop Manager, find the order, and click the Message button. Ask if they’re happy with their order, and then remind them to review your store if they’re completely satisfied.

Can you fake reviews on Etsy?

Technically, it is illegal to buy fake reviews for your Etsy shop. There isn’t a specific law against it, and no one will come to your door and haul you off to jail for paying someone to write you a glowing review; however, the Terms of Use is a legally binding contract.

Can you email Etsy customers?

Getting permission. Etsy doesn’t incorporate email marketing into their marketplace, but as long as you have permission to send to your contacts, Etsy doesn’t prohibit you from sending emails to them. When setting up our integration with Etsy, you can choose to create and send Opt-In email.

What email does Etsy use?

At a basic level, you can use Gmail (or whatever email service your prefer) to create “” or something very similar that is identifying. After you register a domain name (see details below!) you can update your address so the second half is your business name.

How do customers deal with Etsy?

How to Respond to Unhappy Customers
  1. Keep your customer in the know. Acknowledge their purchase, either by Convo or by having an automated Message to Buyers.
  2. Keep your cool.
  3. Avoid hot button words and phrases.
  4. Make up for your mistakes.
  5. Create a refund policy.
  6. Know when to cut your losses.

How do I extract email address from Etsy?

How To Download Etsy Customer Emails
  1. Go to your completed orders page.
  2. Inspect the html on the page.
  3. Copy the html code of the page.
  4. Paste of your orders page into an email extractor software.
  5. Repeat for each orders page.