How do you move a washing machine by yourself?

Moving stage: How to move a washing machine by yourself [5 steps]
  1. Fasten the power cord. …
  2. Pull out the washer completely. …
  3. Pack the washing machines in blankets. …
  4. Load the washer onto the appliance dolly. …
  5. Load the washer into the moving truck.

How can I move my washing machine easily?

How do you move a heavy washing machine by yourself?

Tilt the washer to one side and slide the dolly underneath it. Carefully lift it back up, so it rests upright on the dolly. Secure the appliance with rope or moving straps. Move the washing machine.

How difficult is it to move a washing machine?

Moving your washer without transit bolts is very risky, as drum suspension mechanisms are prone to damage due to vibrations and sudden jerking motions. … Meanwhile, an appliance dolly is what you will need to get your washing machine out of your house and into a moving van. Washing machines weigh 140-230 lbs.

How do you move a washing machine without transit bolts?

The most important thing to remember when moving the machine is to keep it upright. This stops any residual water from getting into the machine’s electrical wiring and damaging it. To keep it upright you can wrap the machine in a blanket or towel and tie it to a trolley, also known as a dolly.