What does bestiary mean?

1 : a medieval allegorical or moralizing work on the appearance and habits of real or imaginary animals. 2a : a collection of descriptions or representations of real or imaginary animals.

Why is it bestiary and not a Beastiary?

Bestiary is not spelled “beastiary” because bestiary comes from the Latin word bestiarium, meaning a treatise on animals, through the French word bestiaire. Beast and Bestiary are both derived from the Latin word bēstia (animal), but bēstia entered the English language as the Middle English word beeste.

How is an pronounced?

A becomes a (ay), and an becomes an (aan). And if we’re saying the letter of the alphabet, we say Ay. What about the? Again, we don’t normally stress that either, but sometimes we can and then the pronunciation changes to the (thee).

Is the H silent in hallelujah?

No H is not silent in Hallelujah. It’s pronunciation is ha·luh·loo·yuh. DoUpvote & follow!!! In Hebrew, from which other languages borrowed the word, the “h” in Hallelujah is voiced.