How do I reset my prestige visual land?

Hard Reset

Press and hold the “Volume +” for 5 seconds, then while still holding down the “Volume +” button press the “Power Button” together for 15 seconds. The Android recovery screen will appear, then press the “Volume -” button once to enter the menu.

How do I reset my Visual Land tablet?

Method 1: If the Visual Land tablet normally turns on and runs, go to Settings, select “Backup & Reset”, then press “Factory data reset” and “Reboot”. It will take a little time, however, as a result you will get completely cleaned device with the factory settings.

How do you unfreeze a visual Land tablet?

8 Answers
  1. Make sure it’s off.
  2. Press and hold the power button and the volume + button. (
  3. Press power, and while holding power, press the volume + button again once and release both buttons.
  4. Use the volume down/up buttons to navigate through the menu.

How do I fix my Visual Land tablet that won’t turn on?

Press and hold the “V+ or V- BUTTON” and thePOWER BUTTON” simultaneously for 15 seconds. The Android recovery screen will appear. 3. Use the “VOL+ BUTTON” to scroll down to “Wipe Data/Factory Reset” then press thePOWER BUTTON” to select this option.

How can I speed up my Visual Land tablet?

If you just want to give your tablet a quick clean to improve performance go into your settings and find Storage, then clear CACHE only. Get an SD Card, Class 1 (or 10) at least, and change settings to store pictures and other stuff there instead of on your Internal Storage.

How do you open a Visual Land tablet?

How do you charge a visual Land tablet?

1.4 :: Charging the Battery Connect the included charger to your device and plug the charging head into a standard AC power outlet. Or connect your device to a PC (make sure the PC is powered on) with the in- cluded USB cable. Your device should show a battery indicator on the screen showing the unit is charging.

Who makes Visual Land tablets?

Visual Land Inc. is a manufacturer of innovative and affordable consumer electronics. Based in beautiful Southern California, we specialize in the development and distribution of Tablet PCs.

Does Visual Land tablet have Bluetooth?

Answered 3 years ago by Visual Land Inc. A: Yes, this tablet can use a mouse connected through Bluetooth. A: The product has an average battery life of 8 hours.

How do I connect my visual Land tablet to WIFI?

On your tablet, make sure you are not in airplane mode. You will find airplane mode in quick settings. With airplane mode off, go to “wireless & networks” and select Wi-FI. Make sure the “WI-FI” option says “on.” Observe any network names that show up in the wi-fi scans.