Is minion a bad word?

The Origins of Minion

Over time, however, the word evolved a more derogatory sense referring to a person who is servile and unimportant.

What exactly is a minion?

Minion is a noun that refers to someone who does whatever a more powerful person commands. Though the word minion was first used to describe a favourite or an agreeable darling, over time the word has come to have a more negative meaning. In fiction writing, the minion is a common character archetype.

What is mean by minion girl?

noun An intriguing favorite; one who gains grace by vile or unworthy means; a servile creature. noun Hence A pert or saucy girl or woman; one who is too bold or forward; a minx.

How do you pronounce Munion?

The locals say BELL-mar, just like the Shore town. Outsiders frequently say ber-NARDS, with the emphasis on the last syllable. But the correct pronunciation is BERN-ards, with the emphasis on the first syllable.