What does Permission mean?

permission Add to list Share. If you give someone approval to do something, you are giving them permission. Permission has the same Latin root word as permit. They both come from permittere, which means to allow to go or pass through.

Has given me the permission meaning?

If someone is given permission to do something, they are allowed to do it: [ + to infinitive ] You will need permission from your parents to go on the trip.

What does Permissed mean?

Noun. permiss (pl. permisses) A choice which has been permitted. A rhetorical device in which a thing is predicated on the decision of one’s opponent.

How do you spell permission slip?

What is permission slip meaning?

A permission slip is a form that a school or other organization sends home with a student to a parent in which the parent provides authorization for minors to travel under the auspices of the school or organization for an event, such as a field trip.

What type of word is permission?

noun. authorization granted to do something; formal consent: to ask permission to leave the room. the act of permitting.