What is the capital city of each province?

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Province Capital Coordinates
Eastern Cape Bhisho 32°51′12″S 27°26′10″E
Free State Bloemfontein 29°06′58″S 26°12′51″E
Gauteng Johannesburg 26°12′22″S 28°02′24″E
KwaZulu-Natal Pietermaritzburg 29°36′05″S 30°22′56″E

What is the 9 provinces of South Africa?

Explore South Africa’s nine provices and discover Eastern Cape, Free State, Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal, Limpopo, Mpumalanga, Northern Cape, North West and Western Cape.

What are the capital cities in South Africa?

South Africa has three capital cities: executive Pretoria, judicial Bloemfontein and legislative Cape Town. The largest city is Johannesburg.

Which is the biggest province?

Northern Cape
List of South African provinces by area
Rank Province Percentage
1 Northern Cape 30.5
2 Eastern Cape 13.8
3 Free State 10.6
4 Western Cape 10.6

Does South Africa have 3 capitals?

South Africa: Pretoria:,Cape Town and Bloemfontein

This is the only country to have three capital cities, a unique arrangement designed to share power across regions.

What is the capital city of Limpopo?

Polokwane, formerly (1886–2002) Pietersburg, city, capital of Limpopo province, South Africa. It is located about midway between Pretoria and the Zimbabwe border, at an elevation of 4,199 feet (1,280 metres).

Which is the smallest province?

Province No. 2
Provinces of Nepal
Provinces of Nepal नेपालका प्रदेशहरू Nepal ka Pradesh haru
Created 20 September 2015
Number 7
Populations Smallest: Karnali, 1,570,418 Largest: Bagmati, 5,529,452
Areas Smallest: Province No. 2, 9,661 square kilometres (3,730 sq mi) Largest: Karnali, 27,984 square kilometres (10,805 sq mi)

What province is South Africa in?

Province Name in the most spoken native language Largest city
Gauteng eGoli (Zulu) Johannesburg
KwaZulu-Natal iKwaZulu-Natali (Zulu) Durban
Limpopo Limpopo (Northern Sotho) Polokwane
Mpumalanga iMpumalanga (Swazi) Mbombela

Which province is Mpumalanga?

South Africa
Mpumalanga, formerly (1994–95) Eastern Transvaal, province, northeastern South Africa. It is bounded by Limpopo province to the north, Mozambique and Swaziland to the east, the provinces of KwaZulu-Natal and Free State to the south, and Gauteng province to the west.

Which province is Kathmandu?

Bagmati Province
Kathmandu काठमाडौँ
Country Nepal
Province Bagmati Province
District Kathmandu
Settled 723 BC

When did Nepal divide into 7?

20 September 2015
The new constitution of Nepal, adopted on 20 September 2015, provides for the division of the country into 7 federal provinces. These provinces were formed by grouping together the existing districts of Nepal.

What is the name of province No 2?

2 (proposed names: Madhesh or Mithila) (Nepali/Maithili: प्रदेश नं० २) is a province in the southeastern region of Nepal that was formed after the adoption of the Constitution of Nepal. It is Nepal’s second most populous province, and smallest province by area.

How many provinces are there in India?

22 provinces
A province is an administrative division. Provinces were divided into three groups (central, eastern and western) based on their economic development and geographic location. Of the 22 provinces, 10 are classified as central, eight as eastern and four as western.

How many jilla are there in Nepal?

77 districts
Districts of Nepal — Nepal currently comprises 77 districts, which are its second-level administrative country subdivisions.

Is Nepal in India?

Nepal, country of Asia, lying along the southern slopes of the Himalayan mountain ranges. It is a landlocked country located between India to the east, south, and west and the Tibet Autonomous Region of China to the north. The Himalayas, northern Nepal. …

Which are the 9 union territories of India?

The 9 union territories are Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Chandigarh, Dadra and Nagar Haveli, Daman and Diu, Lakshadweep, National Capital Territory of Delhi, Puducherry, Ladakh and Jammu, and Kashmir.

What is the capital of India?

New Delhi, national capital of India. It is situated in the north-central part of the country on the west bank of the Yamuna River, adjacent to and just south of Delhi city (Old Delhi) and within the Delhi national capital territory.

How many cities are in India?

There are 4,000 cities and towns in India. About 300 cities have population over 1,00,000. Seven cities have population more than 3 million. Greater Mumbai still is the most populated city in its 440 sq.

What is the capital of 9 Union territories?

S.NO Union territory (in alphabetical order) Capital City
6 Delhi – National Capital Territory Delhi
7 Puducherry (Pondicherry) Pondicherry
8. Ladakh Leh and Kargil
9. Jammu and Kashmir Srinagar (May–October) Jammu (Nov-April)

What is the capital of Puducherry?

Puducherry (union territory)
Capital and Largest city Pondicherry
Districts 4
• Lieutenant Governor Tamilisai Soundararajan (additional charge)

Is Delhi a state or UT?

Delhi, officially the National Capital Territory of Delhi (NCT), is a city and a union territory of India containing New Delhi, the capital of India.

Is J&K a state?

The state of Jammu and Kashmir was accorded special status by Article 370 of the Constitution of India. … At the same time, a reorganisation act was also passed, which would reconstitute the state into two union territories, Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh. The reorganisation took effect from 31 October 2019.

Which is the capital of Ladakh?

Union territory 31 October 2019
Capitals Leh, Kargil
Districts 2

Which state capital is Chandigarh?

Chandigarh city is the capital of the territory and of the states of Haryana and Punjab.