Is a Mountain Cur a good family dog?

Mountain Curs can be rather affectionate with children and make wonderful family dogs. The Mountain Cur was bred to hunt, so they will not be able to share a household with smaller pets. Even with early socialization, the Mountain Cur should not live with cats due to their intense prey drive.

What dog breeds make a Mountain Cur?

The Mountain Cur dates back to settlers from Europe to the United States. The hunting dogs – mostly hounds and terriers, bred with Native American’s dogs, which resulted in this affable, and trainable crossbreed.

Are Mountain Cur dogs aggressive?

Approaching a Mountain Cur

The answer is: NO. These Curs are strong-willed and brave. This behavior may come off as aggressive, but these dogs are only protective of their family. They are also reserved with strangers, which makes them excellent guard dogs.

What is a cur dog mixed with?

Cur dogs are believed to have descended from various combinations of Native American dogs that, over centuries, mixed with domesticated dogs brought to the continent by French and Spanish settlers.

Is mountain cur hypoallergenic?

The Mountain Cur is not a hypoallergenic dog. He also does not drool much because he has tighter fitting lips and not the typical hound jowls. Since he has ears that hang, be sure to check them weekly and clean as needed to prevent a foul odor or infection from occurring.

How much do mountain cur dogs cost?

What’s the Price of Mountain Cur Puppies? The cost of a Mountain Cur Puppy is between $400 and $3,000, depending on the breeder and your location. The puppy is cheaper in the Southeastern states because it is most popular, and there are more breeders than on the West Coast.

Where are mountain cur dogs?

Mountain Cur/Origin

Are mountain curs good hunting dogs?

History Of The Mountain Cur

Also known as the “True-All American Pioneer Dog”, these dogs help to protect their families and properties from wild animals. They were also great for hunting, catching animals such as squirrels and raccoons that could be served for dinner.

What do cur dogs do?

Cur breeds are short-coated, medium to medium-large dogs used to hunt squirrel, raccoon, bear and mountain lion. In Texas and Louisiana, their prey is wild hog. Their treeing instinct is strong and they can tree small and large game and hold them at bay until hunters show up.

What’s the lifespan of a mountain cur dog?

14 – 16 years
Mountain Cur/Lifespan

What is the difference between a black mouth cur and a mountain cur?

Black Mouth Curs vs Mountain Curs

One apparent difference between the two breeds is that Mountains Curs are smaller-boned than the BMC. Another prominent difference is that Mountain Curs generally have longer coats. In terms of temperament, Black Mouth Curs are known to be more aggressive compared to the Mountain Cur.

Are mountain curs intelligent?

Mountain Cur is an intelligent dog that is devoted to his family and especially to his owner. These dogs were bred specially for trailing small game and treeing. Because of their intelligence, they can be trained easily.

How much exercise does a mountain cur need?

Because mountain curs were originally working dogs, they require a lot of exercise. These dogs are very active, and should have at least 60–75 minutes of activity each day. Hiking, jogging, and swimming are all good ways to keep them active and happy.

What is the biggest hypoallergenic dog?

What is the biggest hypoallergenic dog? The biggest hypoallergenic dog on our list is the Giant Schnauzer. Giant Schnauzers can weigh up to 90 pounds.

Are Great Pyrenees hypoallergenic?

Great Pyrenees/Hypoallergenic
No, Great Pyrenees are not hypoallergenic. This high-shedding breed has lots of fur and dander, making sensitive noses itch and scratch.

How big do cur dogs get?

Standing between 18–24 inches at the shoulder and weighing in between 35–60 pounds, the black mouth cur was bred as a working dog.

Black Mouth Cur.
height 18–24 inches
weight 35–60 pounds
life span 12–15 years
breed size medium (26-60 lbs.)
good with families children
Oct 5, 2021

What are mountain curs good for?

The Mountain Cur is a type of working dog that is bred specifically for treeing and trailing small game, like squirrel and raccoons. They are also used for hunting and baying big game like bear and wild boar as well as being an all-purpose farm dog.

At what age is a black mouth cur full grown?

A Black Mouth Cur will grow to at least 16 inches tall, weighing anywhere between 35 to 90 pounds as an adult. Generally female dogs are smaller than males.

Black Mouth Cur Appearance.
Black Mouth Cur
Size: Medium to large
Height: Minimum of 16 inches
Weight: 35 – 90 pounds
Mar 19, 2021

What breeds make up the black mouth cur?

Though no one knows their exact lineage, Black Mouth Curs are believed to descend from ancient European and Asian Cur-type herding and hunting dogs.

Are black mouth curs mean?

The breed can be friendly to other dogs, especially if socialization training begins early. This is necessary because Black Mouth Curs can be territorial and respond to strangers or other dogs with aggression if they feel that they or their families are threatened.

What’s the breed of my dog?

The only way to know for definite what breed of dog you have is to carry out a dog DNA test. DNA is what makes up the genetic code for every living thing. Each individual human or animal has a completely unique code.

How much do black mouth cur puppies cost?

The cost to adopt a Black Mouth Cur is around $300 in order to cover the expenses of caring for the dog before adoption. In contrast, buying Black Mouth Curs from breeders can be fairly expensive. Depending on their breeding, they usually cost anywhere from $300-$1,000.