Who played Connie Conehead on Saturday Night Live?

Laraine Newman
Years on SNL

Laraine Newman (born March 2, 1952) is an American comedienne, actress, and writer. She is probably best known for her SNL role “The Coneheads”, where she played Connie Conehead, the daughter.

Who played the daughter Conehead?

Ohio native Michelle Burke is best known for her roles in director Richard Linklater’s 1993 cult favorite Dazed and Confused, and as Connie Conehead, daughter to Beldar (Dan Aykroyd) and Prymaat Conehead (Jane Curtin) in the SNL-sketch-turned-film Coneheads.

Who played Beldar Conehead?

Beldar Conehead/Played by
They are portrayed by Dan Aykroyd as father Beldar, Jane Curtin as mother Prymaat, and Laraine Newman as daughter Connie. In 1993 they appeared in a feature film.

Did they make a Coneheads 2?

CONEHEADS #2 (July 1994) Comic – January 1, 1994.

Who was the dentist in Coneheads?

Jon Lovitz
Coneheads (1993) – Jon Lovitz as Dr. Rudolph, Dentist – IMDb.

What did the Coneheads call humans?

Far from a stretched-out exploitation of a TV bit, or an air-headed comedy, Coneheads had a socio-political resonance and a verbal inventiveness that, apparently, sailed right over the heads of what its title characters would call “the blunt skulls” (ie human beings).

Did Dan Aykroyd write Coneheads?

The film also features roles and cameos by actors and comedians from SNL and other television series of the time.

Coneheads (film)
Screenplay by Tom Davis Dan Aykroyd Bonnie Turner Terry Turner
Based on Coneheads sketches from Saturday Night Live by Lorne Michaels
Produced by Lorne Michaels
Starring Dan Aykroyd Jane Curtin

When was the Conehead movie made?

July 23, 1993 (USA)
Coneheads/Release date

Where can we watch Coneheads?

Watch Coneheads | Prime Video.

Does Netflix have Coneheads?

Rent Coneheads (1993) on DVD and Blu-ray – DVD Netflix.

What was the budget for Coneheads?

33 million USD

How old is actor Dan Aykroyd?

69 years (July 1, 1952)
Dan Aykroyd/Age