Why do the French say wee wee?

If you refer to “Oui, oui”, it literally means ” Yes, yes“.

What means wee wee?

to urinate
Definition of wee-wee

informal. : to pass urine from the body : to urinate —used especially by children or when talking to children.

Does Wewe mean yes in French?

Yes in French – oui – is pronounced more or less like ‘we’ in English, and we use it a lot. It’s neither formal or informal, it can be used in pretty much any occasion to answer in the affirmative. So, if in doubt, you can always go with “oui” to say yes in French. … Do you speak French?

What does WI WI stand for in French?

Etymology. From French oui, oui (“yes, yes”).

What is an ungodly hour?

Definition of ungodly hour

: a time of day that is unreasonably early or late Who would call at this ungodly hour?

What does Oui Oui mean?

English Translation. yes Yes.

Why do French say Ben?

We know the word oui means “yes,”and non means “no,” but the word ben can be seen as an informal version of the French word bien (well).

What is Mais oui?

From French mais oui, lit. ‘but yes‘ from mais but + oui.

Why do French say Mais oui?

This expression means “yes” or “obviously.” It is a synonym of bien sûr ! It is very informal, so beware. You would not say this to your boss!

What does pp mean in French?

abbreviation for. (= per procurationem: by proxy) p.p.

How do u say good morning in French?

Do French people say wee?

Basic Yes. Say “oui” for a simple “yes.” You can use this word in almost any circumstance, no matter how formal or informal it is. Pronounce this word by saying “wee.”

How do French people say huh?

Used alone in a question, hein can also be translated as huh in French if you didn’t understand your interlocutor. So when you want to huh in French just use hein. « Dépêche-toi, on est en retard ! » « Hein ? » “Hurry up, we ‘re late!” “Huh?”

What is È called in French?

In French, E is the only letter that can be modified with l’accent aigu, the acute accent. With the accent, it may be called either e accent aigu or simply é, pronounced [e] (more or less like “ay”).

What does TKT mean in French?

don’t worry
Tqt/tkt (t’inquiète) : don’t worry.

What is CC in French text?

2. Cc. When this comes at the start of a message it means Coucou!, a very informal way to say “hey!” to family and friends. For those who have brushed up on their French greetings on FluentU, recognizing this at the start of a message will be a piece of cake.

What does BB mean in French slang?

(Britain) (= Boys’ Brigade) mouvement de garçons.

Why do French people say um so much?

French has euh, Korean eum, Finnish öö, Russian eh; even sign languages have signs for um. … Rather, um is used to signal an upcoming pause—usually uh for a short pause and um for a longer pause. The pause may be needed in order to find the right word, remember something temporarily forgotten, or repair a mistake.

What Ben means in French?

It’s a relaxed pronunciation of the word “bien“. It’s used as an interjection and more-or-less means “well” or “so”.

Is there ay in French?

The letter ‘Y’ is fairly uncommon in French and is used in just a few words. Just as it is in English, the French ‘Y’ can be either a consonant or a vowel. As a vowel, it’s pronounced like the ‘Y’ in happy. When ‘Y’ is at the beginning of a word or syllable, it is a consonant and is pronounced just like the English ‘Y.

What does PK mean in French slang?

French Text Slang
MDR = Mort de rire. It means “dying of laughter.” Just like “LOL” in English.
Mci = Merci. “Thanks.” Similar to “thx.”
Pk = Pourquoi. “Why?”
STP = S’il te plaît. “Please.” Similar to the shortened “pls.”
Dsl = Desolé. “Sorry.”