What was Caro mio ben written for?

Caro mio ben (My dear beloved) was long attributed to Giuseppe Giordani, Tommaso’s brother. This aria was written for a London concert, and is not from an opera. Interest in Italian opera had flourished there throughout the 1700’s. A possible publication date for this aria is 1782.

Who wrote Caro mio ben?

Caro mio ben (Arietta)/Composers

Is Caro mio ben a classical song?

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Unlike many classical Italian songs, “Caro mio ben” does not come from an opera, but, rather, was composed as a stand-alone concert piece. Until recently, the popular arietta was ascribed to Naples-born composer Giuseppe Giordani (1751–1798).

What genre is Caro mio ben?

General Information
Work Title Caro Mio Ben
Composer Time PeriodComp. Period Classical
Piece Style Classical
Instrumentation voice, strings, continuo
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How do you pronounce Giuseppe Giordani?

How is Caro mio ben pronounced?

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Which opera is Caro mio ben from?

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