Why is Excel not removing duplicates?

Removing duplicate values in data is a very common task. You then need to tell Excel if the data contains column headers in the first row. If this is checked, then the first row of data will be excluded when finding and removing duplicate values. You can then select which columns to use to determine duplicates.

How do I delete and remove duplicate rows in Excel?

To select the entire table, press Ctrl + A. Go to the Data tab > Data Tools group, and click the Remove Duplicates button. The Remove Duplicates dialog box will open, you select the columns to check for duplicates, and click OK.

How do you delete duplicate rows in sheets?

Google Sheets: Remove duplicates from a spreadsheet

Select a column from where you want to remove the duplicates. Click Data > Remove duplicates. You will now see a pop-up. Tick the box next to Data has header now > click Remove duplicates > click Done.