How do you say disgusting in America?

What is the meaning of disgust?

: a strong feeling of dislike for something that has a very unpleasant appearance, taste, smell, etc. : annoyance and anger that you feel toward something because it is not good, fair, appropriate, etc. disgust.

How do British say disgusting?

For example, “He’s a cracking lad” or “That’s a cracking cuppa.” This is British slang for “disgusting” or “gross.” “Proper” is used as an alternative to “very” or “extremely.” For example, “That’s proper good nosh, innit.”

Is the T silent in pestle?

In all of these the t is silent. There are no exceptions: no words with this spelling in which it is usual to pronounce t. Nevertheless, as the spelling pestle indicates to anyone who is sensitive to this subregularity, it’s usually a ˈpesl . The word rhymes with vessel.