How do you pronounce virtual?

What is the meaning virtual?

1 : being such in essence or effect though not formally recognized or admitted a virtual dictator. 2 : being on or simulated on a computer or computer network print or virtual books a virtual keyboard : such as. a : occurring or existing primarily online virtual shopping.

How do you say virtual assistant?

Also called dig·it·al as·sis·tant [dij-i-tluh-sis-tuhnt], /ˈdɪdʒ ɪ tl əˈsɪs tənt/, voice as·sis·tant [voisuh-sis-tuhnt] . Digital Technology.

Is the G silent in length?

So, the “g” is not actually pronounced as a “g,” but it is not a “silent” letter either. It is actually pronounced in words such as “anger” and “linger”—but the same sort of thing does not happen in “strength” and “length” because of the “th” sound that follows immediately after.