How do I get my device unbanned from Grindr?

There’s a very good chance that the ban is tied to your device or the phone number on your device, not to any particular name or email address. Your best bet would be to contact Grindr directly and appeal the ban.

How do I bypass grindr IP ban?

Try creating a new account. Enter password, email etc. Even before account is created, I get the “you’re banned” immediately. Try to clear memory and cache and try again.

How do I remove a device ban?

A “device ban” would be a block by your carrier for your phone. You’d have to be the registered owner of that phone and be able to prove it. Bring the phone to the carrier, present your proof, showing that you’re the person listed as the owner of that phone, and the block will be removed.

How long does a grindr ban appeal take?

We’re glad you’re here. We now link directly to a help page and ban appeal form when you get banned. Moderators typically review and respond to ban appeals within 1-2 days.

How do I bypass grindr phone verification?

Grindr phone verification can’t be bypassed or skipped, but you can avoid risking your privacy by replacing your real phone number with a temporary one generated by DoNotPay.

Can I have two Grindr accounts on the same phone?

If you want to use multiple Grindr accounts on the same device, you can use an app cloner like Parallel Space, downloaded from Google Play or the App Store. You will then be able to open the second instance of the app and use your second account freely.

How do I get around grindr ban 2020?

If Grindr is banned in your country, meeting up with other LGBTQ+ people can be difficult and unsafe.

To stay safe, use a screen name and create a new email address just for your Grindr profile.

  1. Download a VPN.
  2. Connect to a server in your country.
  3. Download the Grindr app.
  4. Create your account.
  5. Enjoy Grindr!

Does your profile disappear when you delete Grindr?

When you delete the app, but not the profile, the profile will not be ok the grid anymore. The profile will however show up still in the inboxes of those you messaged and their contents. Grindr has shown up in my experience on the grid after I deleted the app and not my profile.

Can you fake your location on Grindr?

If you want to take things a step further, your best option is to install a fakelocation app and spoof your location. These apps can fool other apps into thinking you’re somewhere else. If you want to spoof your location anyway, you can download an Android emulator on your computer and use Grindr on there.

Can you be tracked on Grindr?

How Are Users Able to Track Your Grindr Location? On Grindr, it tells you in meters how far away your potential match is from you. When you walk to a different location and check the app again, the distance between you and your potential match can increase or decrease depending on where they are.

Why does fake GPS not work on Grindr?

For Android it detects the allow mock locations from the developer settings and if that’s turned on and a app is spoofing your location it won’t work with grindr. App is up to date, using FakeGPS Free (blue compass icon).

Why is my Grindr location wrong?

First, force stop Grindr. Then check your current location. Now reset your location services. Be sure to also check your data connection.

Which fake GPS works with Grindr?

Part 2: How to Fake GPS on Grindr?
  • 2.1. iMyFone AnyTo [for iOS/Android Users] iMyFone AnyTo is a software that makes it possible for you to change your location on Grindr with a single click.
  • 2.2. Fake GPS GO Location Spoofer [for Android Users]
  • 2.3. BlueStacks [for Android Users]
  • 2.4. Virtual Private Network(VPN)

How do I hide my location on Grindr?

How to disable showing distance
  1. Tap into your profile from the main cascade.
  2. Tap the Settings ‘cog’ in the top right corner.
  3. Find ‘Show My Distance’ in the menu and tap it to turn it off.

How do I fake my location on iPhone?

Open the Maps app and search for the fake location you want to use. You need to open Apple’s Maps app, not Google Maps or any other navigation app. When the pin drops on the map, scroll through the menu at the bottom and tap the Simulate Location option.

How can I trick my phone location?

How do you hide your location on iPhone without turning it off?

On the Settings, scroll down the list, and find “Privacy” settings, tap on it. On the privacy settings, find a block that says, “Location Services,” tap to open the settings. Now, on the locations services, tap on “Share My Location.” On the Share, My Location, toggle to enable the “Share My Location” feature.

Why does my phone location say I’m somewhere else?

If your location is based on network information and IP, then your location migjt be different. If you want your phone to show the correct location, turn your GPS on and use the GPS only.

Why does Apple think I’m somewhere else?

Question: Q: Why does my Apple ID think I’m somewhere else

This is an approximate location based on the IP address the device is currently using, rather than the exact location of the device. The location shown might reflect the network you’re connected to, and not your physical location.

Why is my phones location wrong?

For Samsung smartphones running Android 10 OS, the location information may appear inaccurate if the GPS signal is obstructed, location settings is disabled, or if you are not using the best location method.

Why is Google location wrong?

The primary reason for Google Maps giving wrong location details is due to bad or no internet connection. If the internet on your android phone is active and running you will be able to get the exact location details.

Why does Google think my location is somewhere else?

If you’re not signed in to your Google Account, Google may store some location information for previous searches from the device you’re using to help provide more relevant results and recommendations.