What are you supposed to say when someone coughs?

If you are the one who is coughing, after you are finished, you say things like, “I’m sorry,” or “Excuse me.” You might try to reassure the other person that you are not contagious by saying things like, “It’s just allergies,” or “I just had a tickle in my throat,” or “Something must have gone down the wrong way.”

Is there a bless for coughing?

None of these languages have a form of “bless you” for a cough. One of the symptoms of the plague was coughing and sneezing, and it is believed that Pope Gregory I (Gregory the Great) suggested saying “God bless you” after a person sneezed in hopes that this prayer would protect them from an otherwise certain death.

Do you say excuse me after coughing?

But if you do end up sneezing or coughing close to someone else, apologise with an “excuse me”. And if you feel a coughing fit coming on in a cinema or theatre, leaving the room is probably best.

What can I say instead of bless you?

The most common alternative response that I’m aware of, especially in American English, is “Gesundheit!“. Gesundheit! is borrowed from German, and literally means “Health!”. Actually “Bless you!” (often uttered as “bleshoo”) can be considered as the secular (or neutral) version of “God bless you!”.

Why do we still say bless you?

The most popular theory is that it originated in Rome when the bubonic plague was ravaging Europe. Sneezing was one the plague’s main symptoms, and it is believed that Pope Gregory I suggested that a tiny prayer in the form of saying, “God bless you” after a sneeze would protect the person from death.

What does the phrase Gesundheit mean?

Gesundheit was borrowed from German, where it literally means “health”; it was formed by a combination of gesund (“healthy”) and -heit (“-hood”). Wishing a person good health when they sneezed was traditionally believed to forestall the illness that a sneeze often portends.

What does 3 sneezes mean?

Moreover, the number of times you sneeze is a sign as to what they’re talking about. For example, one sneeze means something good has been said, two means something bad has been said, three is a sign that someone is in love with them, and four is a sign that tragedy will befall their family.

What to say when someone sneezes 3 times?

“Health!”, the equivalent of respectively “Gesundheit” as said in English, or if the person has sneezed three times, “(Three times) the weather will be nice tomorrow.” “Health!” “For health!”

What atheist say when someone sneezes?

If you leave the “God” off, and just say “Bless you!” most folks will not think it sounds religious. You could use the German “Gesundheit!” which literally means “Health!” Here’s more: Origin and meaning of gesundheit by Online Etymology Dictionary .