What does 3 all day mean in kitchen?

“Three fillets all day” means three fillets need to be prepared in total, but they could be in any number of orders. For example, one table has ordered two fillets and another has ordered one. So three fillets in total.

What does 2 all day mean?

All day. During a busy service, the chef or expeditor (the person reading off the orders) might call out something like, “Two halibuts all day,” meaning that there are two orders of that dish currently on the queue.

What does 68 mean in a restaurant?

Is There an Opposite for 86? Although this is nowhere near as common, the term 68 is sometimes used when a menu item is once again available.

Why do chefs say wee?

Why do Professional Chef say “wee”? When they say ‘wee’ they probably have to go to the bathroom… unless they’re Scottish then it means something is small. When a professional chef says ‘oui’ he/she is saying yes in French.

Why do chefs shout all day?

In chef slang, the expression all day is used to indicate the total number of orders needed. As tickets come in, a chef will shout out the orders followed by all day.

Why do chefs say 86?

It is often used in food and drink services to indicate that an item is no longer available or that a customer should be ejected. Beyond this context, it is generally used with the meaning to ‘get rid of’ someone or something.

What does on the fly mean in a kitchen?

On the fly is a phrase used to describe something that is being changed while the process that the change affects is ongoing. It is used in the automotive, computer, and culinary industries.

Why do cooks say yes chef?

The “yes, chef” mentality stems from chefs who worked their way up in grueling environments, once called kitchen brigades. These environments were built for efficiency and excellence: a clear hierarchy, where everyone knew their place.

What does Oui Chef mean?

Yes, boss
Translation of “Oui Chef” in English. Yes, boss. Yes, sir.

What does Refire mean in cooking?

Refire. A dish that needs to be remade on the fly. “Refire table three. Now!”

What does corner mean in restaurants?

10. Corner. This is what servers often yell when they’re rounding a corner (usually in or near the kitchen) to alert anyone else who might be walking towards them that they can’t see. This helps avoid any accidents or collisions, especially when people are holding dishes, cups, or plates of food.

What does expo mean in a restaurant?

An expeditor, also known as a food expeditor or just “expo” for short, is responsible for project management within the various departments of a restaurant, from expediting food service, to supply management, to the flow of communication.

What does GM stand for in kitchen?

The letters, “GM” stand for genetically modified. A modification is used to breed out certain concerns and to breed in desirable features.

What does walking mean in a kitchen?

“Walking in”

This is something that signals to the kitchen that a new order has just come in. It really came in handy at one restaurant I worked at because our printer didn’t make any noise when a new order came in.

What does Heard mean in a kitchen?

Heard: You understand and you’re doing what you’ve been asked without question. Mise or Mise En Place: Ingredients are prepped and ready at your station.

What is cold kitchen?

For the uninitiated in catering terms, the Cold Kitchen, otherwise known as the Garde Manger, is that part of the kitchen where cold foods are prepared for serving at table.

What does D mean in cooking?

Cooking Terminology: Words starting with “D”

dash – about 1/16th of a teaspoon; a “pinch” or less. deep-fry – to cook submerged in very hot fat (like French fries) until golden brown. deglaze – to swirl a liquid into a pan to dissolve particles of food on the bottom of the saute’ or roast pans for flavor.

What does sandbagging mean in the kitchen?

16. Sandbagging: Sometimes you just have to cook something ahead of time and reheat it when the order comes in… it’s not ideal, but that’s sandbagging.

What do French chefs say when food is good?

C’est vraiment/très bon. It’s really/very good. C’est délicieux. It’s delicious.

What does Pop mean in fast food?

Restaurant Acronyms, Terms, Titles
Acronym-Term Meaning
POP Point of Purchase
POP People Ordering Pizza
POS Point of Sale
POV Personally Owned Vehicle

Why do restaurant workers say Heard?

5) Heard! When Chef asks (ha ha) or (more likely) tells you to do something; “Heard Chef!” is the ONLY response. 4) On the Fly: I hate hearing this shouted out, especially on a well-done protein, but for whatever reason, the food has to be rushed out as quickly as possible.

What is the garnish station in a restaurant?

Garnish: Cooks the sides for entrees and appetizers. Fish: Responsible for cooking seafood related food for both appetizers, and entrees.

What does FIFO mean in Mcdonalds?

At McDonald’s, all raw materials, work-in-progress and finished products are handled on a First In, First Out (FIFO) basis. This means raw materials are used in the order they are received. Therefore stock is always fresh because products are sold in the order they are made.

What does MP mean on a menu?

Market Price
A restaurant prints “Market Price” or “MP” on the menu to indicate that the price will vary with the ingredient cost, which only makes sense if the physical menu is static — a daily-printed menu should never say MP.