What does use the privy mean?

If you’re privy to something, you’ve been let in on a secret or know about something that most people don’t. … But watch out: If you use privy as a noun, it can mean “outhouse” or “toilet,” which actually might be a good place to hide your diary if you don’t want anyone else to be privy to its contents.

What is a good sentence for the word fractious?

1. Nancy was in a fractious mood. 2. Children become fractious when they are tired.

What part of speech is privy?

part of speech: adjective
inflections: privies
definition: an outside toilet enclosed in a small structure. They had no indoor plumbing then and had to use the privy outside.
related words: bath, bathroom
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What is lean too?

1 : a building that has a roof with only one slope and is usually joined to another building. 2 : a rough shelter that has a roof with only one slope and is held up by posts, rocks, or trees. More from Merriam-Webster on lean-to.

What is an inside privy?

noun. a private apartment inside a royal residence. archaic a private room reserved for the use of a specific person or group.

Why is it called a privy?

In later times, the outhouse was sometimes called a “privy” —; an abbreviated form of the word “privacy.” Around 4500 B.C., the first collection system for human excrement was constructed by the Romans, who were among the first to build sewers underneath street level to collect both rain water and sewage.

Is privy a Scrabble word?

Privy is valid Scrabble Word.

How do you say the word privy?

  1. \ ˈpri-vē \
  2. \ ˈpri-vē \
  3. Other Words from privy. Adjective. privily \ ˈpri-​və-​lē \ adverb.

What is a Victorian privy?

The Privy. A privy was basically an unlined cesspool in the ground with a wooden hut built over it. A wooden shelf stretched across, with a nice, bottom sized hole in the middle. You sat here and did your business, with your waste dropping down into the hole.

Is a privy an outhouse?

Privy is an old-fashioned term for an outdoor toilet, often known as an outhouse and by many other names. Privy may also refer to: Privy council, a body that advises the head of state.

Are not privy to meaning?

: allowed to know about (something secret) I wasn’t privy to their plans.

Is privy short for privilege?

The participial adjective privileged means ‘having privilege‘, very often in the sense of having the advantages enjoyed by great status, wealth etc. Privy as an adjective is simply an older equivalent of ‘private’.

Is Prived a word?

No, prived is not in the scrabble dictionary.