How long was longest throw ever?

Gorbous holds the current world record for longest throw of a baseball, 135.89m (445 feet, 10 inches).

What can a human throw the farthest?

The venerable ‘frisbee on organic compounds‘ – unchanged in its basic design since 1984 – holds the Guinness World Record for “longest throw of an object without any velocity-aiding feature.” The record, set in 2003 by Erin Hemmings, still stands at an astonishing 1,333 feet, more than a quarter mile.

What is the longest football throw through a tire?

31 yd
The longest pass of an American football through a tire is 31 yd, and was achieved by Chandler Hallow (USA) in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA, on 22 July 2019. The attempt was made at Bank of America Stadium where the Charlotte Panthers play.

How far was the furthest Frisbee throw?

The longest flying disc target throw is 46.33 m (152 ft), and was achieved by Brodie Smith (USA) in…

How far is the furthest tennis ball throw?

The measurement for this throw was 132.66m or 145 yards ½”. So I had done it, but at the time I had mistakenly thought the record was 140.2 meters not 140 yards 2ft. It was nearly a year later before I realised my mistake and that my distance that day had actually surpassed Percy’s record.

What is the longest catch?

On this day in 1983, Jim Plunkett threw a 99-yard touchdown pass vs. the Washington Redskins, the longest in NFL history.

Who broke the record for the longest blindfolded catch?

The farthest blindfolded catch of an American football while in motion is 24 yards and was achieved by Cam Newton and Chandler Hallow (both USA) in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA, on 22 July 2019. The record was attempted at Bank of America Stadium where the Charlotte Panthers play.

Who has the world record for longest throw through a tire 2020?

Longest pass of an American football through a tire: Cody Jones came back to achieve this title which had never been pulled off before. Passing the pigskin 30 yards across the field, the ball narrowed straight through the whole of a tire, giving him the record.

Who ran 99-yard touchdown?

LOOK: Armani Rogers runs for longest touchdown in NCAA history, with 99-yard score.

What is Tom Brady’s longest throw?

Why Tom Brady’s 61-yard TD to Antonio Brown is one of his greatest throws.

What is the longest NFL touchdown pass?

A 99-yard pass play is the longest play involving a forward pass that is possible in an American football game. It gains 99 yards and scores a touchdown for the offensive team.

Occurrences in the NFL.
Passer Frank Filchock
Receiver Andy Farkas
Team Washington Redskins
Opponent Pittsburgh Pirates
Date October 15, 1939

Has there ever been a 100 yard touchdown?

Can’t-Miss Play: Chiefs’ D delivers bizarre 100-YARD TD after goal-line fumble. Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Bashuad Breeland returns fumble made by Detroit Lions running back Kerryon Johnson 100 yards for touchdown.

What is Derrick Henrys longest run?

The 76-yard run was the third-longest touchdown run of Henry’s career, behind a 94-yard score against the Houston Texans last season and an NFL record 99-yard run against the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2018.

What is the longest timed play in NFL history?

108 yards
It came up short, and Hester did the rest in what became a 38-20 Chicago win. T2) Nathan Vasher – 108 yards: At the time it was the longest play in NFL history. The Niners attempted a 52-yard field goal at the end of the first half in very windy Chicago, and they paid.

What is the longest Pick 6 in NFL history?

safety Ed Reed
Baltimore Ravens safety Ed Reed sets the NFL record for the longest interception return for a touchdown in a 36-7 win over the Eagles.

What’s the longest run from scrimmage?

99 yards
Quarterback Danny White took the snap and handed off the football to Tony Dorsett who found a hole and was off to the races for the longest run from scrimmage in National Football League history. The play covered 99 yards and will forever remain the NFL record.

How many mph can Derrick Henry run?

21.8 mph
According to NFL’s Next Gen Stats, Henry reached a top speed of 21.8 mph on the play, which is notable, because it’s currently the FASTEST speed that any player in the NFL has reached this season.

Who has the fastest throw in the NFL?

Mahomes tied the combine record in 2017 by throwing the ball 60 miles per hour. (He matched the mark set by Logan Thomas, now a tight end for Washington, and Bryan Bennett, now in the CFL.) Allen snapped Mahomes’s record in 2018, throwing the ball 62 miles per hour.

Who was the first quarterback to pass 5000 yards in a season?

Dan Marino
Passing for 5,000 yards in a single regular season is a rare achievement in the National Football League (NFL). Eight quarterbacks have accomplished the feat, Dan Marino was the first when he set an NFL record with 5,084 yards passing in 1984.

Who is the fastest Tennessee Titan?

Titans running back Derrick Henry is 6-3, 238 pounds and — as of the completion of Tennessee’s “Monday Night Football” win over the Bills — the NFL’s fastest player. According to NFL Next Gen Stats, Henry topped out at 21.8 mph on the run.

How fast is Nick Chubb?

Nick Chubb, RB, Cleveland Browns

Chubb sprinted 88 yards for a touchdown, hitting 21.95 mph along the way.

Whats the fastest speed a human can run?

8 mph

6.5 mph


How fast is McCaffrey?

21.95 miles per hour
McCaffrey hit the highest top speed of his career, reaching 21.95 miles per hour, in 84-yard touchdown run.