How do I make emails go into a certain folder in Outlook?

How to Filter Emails in Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2007
  1. Right-click a message from the sender whose messages you want to filter.
  2. In Outlook 2010, select Rules > Create Rule. …
  3. Select the Move the item to folder check box.
  4. Choose Select Folder.
  5. Highlight the desired target folder.
  6. Select OK twice to finish.

What is the best way to organize folders in Outlook?

6 Best ways to organize emails in Outlook
  1. Sort emails by priority. This is where folders come in handy. …
  2. Create automatic rules. …
  3. Organize Outlook inbox with colored categories. …
  4. Use Flags to set reminders. …
  5. Organize by conversation thread (to clean up clutter) …
  6. Advanced Outlook organization with Quick Steps.

How do I create a new folder and subfolders in Outlook?

To help keep your emails organized, you can create subfolders or personal folders by using the New Folder tool.
  1. Click Folder > New Folder. …
  2. Type your folder name in the Name text box. …
  3. In the Select where to place the folder box, click the folder under which you want to place your new subfolder.
  4. Click OK.

How do I put emails into folders?

Move messages into a folder
  1. Select an email message.
  2. Drag and drop it into a folder. Note: To move more than one email, select an email, hold down the Shift key and select other messages, and then click, drag, and drop them into a folder.

How do I make a new folder in my email?

How to create a folder in Gmail on the mobile app
  1. Open the Gmail app on your iPhone, iPad, or Android. …
  2. Tap the three horizontal lines on the top-left of the screen.
  3. Scroll down to the Labels section, then tap Create new. …
  4. In the pop-up menu, enter the name of the label you want (225 characters max), then tap Done.

How do I create multiple subfolders in Outlook?

To create several folders and subfolders at the same time:
  1. Create a list of folder and subfolder names in Excel or Notepad. Separate subfolders with back slashes.
  2. Copy and paste it into the Bulk Folders window.
  3. Hit the “Create Folders” button.

Can you do subfolders in Outlook?

Subfolders are the key to staying organized in Outlook, and you can have subfolders of any of your main folders: for e-mail, calendars, contacts, and more. Creating a subfolder takes just a few clicks in either the Windows or Mac version.

How do I make a folder in Outlook not a subfolder?

Here’s how you can set up new folders:
  1. In the left pane of Mail, Contacts, Tasks, or Calendars, right-click where you want to add the folder then click New Folder.
  2. In the Name box, enter a name for the folder, and press Enter.

How do I create multiple subfolders?

Simply hold down the Shift key and click with the right mouse button in the Explorer on the folder where you want to create additional subfolders. After that, the option “Open Command Prompt Here” should appear. Simply click it and move to the next step. Execute the command by pressing the Enter key.

How do you create a folder?

  1. Click Actions, Create, Folder.
  2. In the Folder name box, type a name for the new folder.
  3. Click Next.
  4. Choose whether to move the objects or to create shortcuts: To move selected objects to the folder, click Move the selected items to the new folder. …
  5. Select the objects you want to add to the folder.
  6. Click Finish.

Can I arrange Outlook folders?

Outlook lets you rearrange the folders you create in the folder pane. In the Folder Pane, drag the folder to a new location in the folder list.

How do folders work in Outlook?

Folders provide a way to organize email messages, calendars, contacts, and tasks in Outlook. To add a folder to the folder pane, do the following: In the left pane of Mail, Contacts, Tasks, or Calendar, right-click where you want to add the folder, and then click New Folder.

How do I arrange my folders in alphabetical order in Outlook?

How do I arrange Outlook folders alphabetically again?
  1. Launch Microsoft Outlook.
  2. Go to the Folder tab.
  3. Click on Show All folders A-Z to turn this on. This will lock your folders in alphabetical order.

Why are folders not showing in Outlook?

Causes for Missing Outlook Folders

Some of your Outlook folders are hidden. A folder was inadvertently deleted. Outlook isn’t syncing with the server. The personal folder file is damaged.

How do I create a new folder in Outlook app?

how to create a folder in the outlook for Android?
  1. Please open the inbox folder and then press and hold an email for seconds.
  2. On the up-right corner please click … > Move to other folders.
  3. In the new opened page, please click “ +” to create a new folder.
  4. Then move the email to the new folder.

How do I find my folders in Outlook?

Go to Outlook on the web. To view your mail folders, click on the ‘arrow’ next to “Folders” to expand your folder listing. You should now see all of your folders listed in the left-hand column.

How do I create a new folder in Outlook 365?

To create a folder:
  1. Right-click on your account.
  2. Click create new folder.
  3. Type the name you want to use for this folder.
  4. Press Enter or click away.

Why are my subfolders not showing in Outlook?

Go back to the “View” dialog box, then select “Change View”. Click on “Apply current view to other mail folders”. Next, activate the option “for mailboxes and their subfolders.” Finally, click OK. After that, restart the application and try to open a previously non-opening folder.

How do I organize my computer files and folders for dummies?

How do I arrange files in a folder?

In the desktop, click or tap the File Explorer button on the taskbar. Open the folder that contains the files you want to group. Click or tap the Sort by button on the View tab.

Sort Files and Folders
  1. Options. …
  2. The available options vary depending on the selected folder type.
  3. Ascending. …
  4. Descending. …
  5. Choose columns.