How old was Zachary Tims when he died?

42 years (1969–2011)
Zachery Tims/Age at death

What is Riva Tims doing now?

Pastor Riva Tims is living the Majestic Life as a pastor, for more than fourteen years, a mother, motivational speaker, and an entrepreneur. Pastor Riva’s inner beauty, gentle spirit and passion for Jesus are an inspiration to those who want to know Him. … She is the C.E.O. and founder of Majestic Life Institute (MLI).

What happened to Zachery Tims wife?

Zachery and Riva Tims have four children. After the couple divorced in 2009, Riva started her own ministry, Majestic Life Ministries. After Zachery’s death, Riva filed a lawsuit against NDCC’s board of directors after Paula White was appointed as the new senior pastor.

When did pastor Zachery Tims pass?

August 12, 2011
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Who was pastor Riva Tims married to?

Riva Tims Uncovers The Truth About Her Mega Pastor Husband Zach Tims’s Cheating.

How old is Pastor Zachery Tims?

42 years (1969–2011)
Zachery Tims/Age at death

Who is the pastor of New Destiny Church?

Pastor Paula White-Cain
Pastor Paula White-Cain is the Senior Pastor of New Destiny Christian Center in Orlando, Florida. White-Cain is a celebrated author and teacher, beloved grandmother, mother and mentor, popular TV personality, and spirit-led preacher of God’s Word.

What is the name of Paula White’s church in Florida?

Without Walls International Church
Without Walls International Church

The Tampa Christian Center was founded in Tampa, Florida, by the then-married Paula and Randy White in 1991. It became Without Walls International Church.