Where can I find uncommon subordinate city in Evony?

How do you use subordinate city clue Evony?

How do you grow fast in Evony?

To make troops – send a bunch of iron or wood (whichever your war-city isn’t producing, usually about 5-7million) to your war city so you have lots of food, wood, and iron. Next, drop the production of your war city to 0. Make sure you have a mayor with a high attack stat as this will greatly reduce training time.

How do you get the castle of wonder in Evony?

The Wonder feature unlocks when your Keep reaches level 30. It seems that players would have to make some effort to build their Wonder. And our developers promise that building the Wonder is rewarding. We will let players know when we have got more information.

What does VIP time do in Evony?

Once you are at level VIP 14 and in order to benefit from this VIP level features and benefits, you need to have VIP Time. VIP 30 Minutes for example will allow you to activate your current VIP Level benefits for 30 minutes. And you have the VIP 60 Minutes up to VIP 30 Days.

How do you get good generals in Evony?

Obtaining New Generals

You can unlock new generals in Evony: The King’s Return in the Tavern building as soon as you hit level 5. Once you reach this level, you’ll be prompted by the tutorial to complete a simple puzzle, and will receive the Tavern key as a reward.

What is ghosting in Evony?

Ghosting is probably the most important defensive PvP tactic in Evony until you are keep level 33. The idea is to make sure all of your troops are out of the keep so that if or when someone attacks you, they lose enemies to your traps and archer tower. On the other hand, you lose nothing in terms of your troops.

Who created Evony?


How do you get VIP time in Evony?

How To Get VIP Time in Evony Game
  1. Go to the Store. Under the Items tab, choose Special and scroll down. …
  2. Click on your Tavern, choose the Wheel of Fortune and play it! …
  3. Special Packages. …
  4. In the Black Market (in the Market Building) you can get some VIP Time items like the VIP 60 minutes item at 6,000 Lumber.

How do I increase my stamina in Evony?

How many cities can you have in Evony?

The game allows the player to control up to ten cities through gain of titles. To gain a title, a certain rank is necessary.

What does NAP stand for in Evony?

NAPs = Non Aggression Pact.

Is Evony Chinese game?

“Evony is owned by UMGE (Universal Multiplayer Game Entertainment). Founded by a small group of avid Chinese game developers, UMGE is based in Guangzhou, China and develops online multiplayer games.” Whoops.

How do you increase your gold in Evony?

Gold is not produced by a specific Resource Field, but is instead obtained by taxing the population. The player can set a specific Tax Rate, which then gives gold in relation to the amount of population available in the city.

How do you increase your alliance rank in Evony?

How To Get Alliance Points in Evony Game
  1. Donate in the Alliance Science. Click on the Alliance icon in the lower right corner of your screen, then choose Alliance Science. …
  2. Participating in Alliance War against Bosses, like B10s or Hydras or Golems. …
  3. Initiating Alliance Wars against Bosses from your server map.

Is Evony worth playing?

It is a rewarding experience to own many cities and be in a chatty alliance involved in joint operations. This game is also for folks seeking a social outlet with others. … I have played this great game for two years on three servers and have made good friends and had good times.

How do you become king in Evony?

In short, the City of Throne is essentially a special kingdom that can be taken over by alliances (groups formed by other players) by fighting NPCs that defend it. Upon capturing the city and also upon successfully defending it from other alliances for 5 hours, the alliance leader will be crowned king.

Is Evony a free game?

For each Keep Level-up, you can solve puzzles and earn awesome rewards! NOTICE: Evony: The King’s Return is a completely free-to-play game, however there are some game items that can also be purchased for real money. If you don’t want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device’s settings.

How many people are playing Evony?

Game Number As of
Evony 33 million registered accounts October 2016
FIFA 18 32.5 million [m] December 2018
FIFA 21 31 million August 2021
Pac-Man 30 million peak monthly US players 1982