How is lettuce sold?

Generally, products sold in bulk, whether to retail or foodservice, are sold through commodity channels. This includes products like bulk spring mix (a mixture of various types of whole leaf lettuce), even though some value is added by combining different lettuce types into a sin- gle product.

How is lettuce distributed to consumers?

Lettuce is marketed primarily by go- ing from producers to wholesalers to retailers. Appreciable quantities, how- ever, are also handled by packers before reaching wholesalers or by truck-jobbers on the way from wholesalers to retailers.

How is lettuce commercially grown?

Two different methods are used to produce lettuce under field conditions in NSW. One method uses transplants and overhead irrigation while the other is by direct seeding and furrow irrigation. In the Murrumbidgee district most growers prefer to direct seed and furrow irrigate due to a heavier soil type.

How do you sell lettuce at a farmers market?

How does lettuce get transported?

Whole plants of leaf lettuce are put in a plastic sleeve and sold 24-36 per fiber-board carton. Iceberg lettuce is commonly packaged in 43 to 48-lb, 24 count, cartons. The lettuce is then trucked to a central area for vacuum cooling. Lettuce must be cooled before shipment.

Where is lettuce usually grown?

Lettuce is produce year round in the U.S. Although lettuce is produced in many states, California and Arizona dominate U.S. production. California accounted for 71 percent of U.S. head lettuce production in 2013, followed by Arizona producing nearly 29 percent.

How do you sell lettuce to harvest?

How much can I sell lettuce for?

Frequently the price is well in excess of $10 per pound, depending on retail outlet. Conventionally grown lettuce, similarly packaged, is often sold below $4 per pound.

How much can you sell a pound of lettuce for?

In 2019, the U.S. price for one pound of lettuce amounted to almost one and a half U.S. dollars.

Can you make money selling lettuce?

The top earning salad greens you can grow for profit include lettuce, arugula and Asian greens. … So, if you were to grow salad greens on a quarter acre piece of land for between 20 and 40 weeks of a year, depending on your local growing season, you could earn $1,500 per week.

What is the lifespan of a lettuce plant?

65–130 days
Depending on the variety and time of year, lettuce generally lives 65–130 days from planting to harvesting. Because lettuce that flowers (through the process known as “bolting”) becomes bitter and unsaleable, plants grown for consumption are rarely allowed to grow to maturity.

How long does lettuce last after harvesting?

While it will vary from one head of lettuce to another, when properly stored, leafy greens should stay fresh and crisp for 7 to 10 days. A whole head of lettuce will typically last longer than individual greens, especially tightly bound heads of lettuce, such as iceberg and endive.