Where should you store hair products?

Store hairsprays and bottles in a file holder.

Hair products often come in tall or bulky bottles, making them tricky to store inside drawers or atop low shelves.

How do you store a curling wand?

Place heat-safe canisters inside your bathroom drawers.

Then, purchase a heat-safe canister that will fit inside your bathroom drawer. To store your curling iron while it’s still hot, simply pull out the drawer and place the curling iron wand down into the canister. If the drawer is tall, you may be able to close it.

Can you put a curling iron on a towel?

While your iron hair, you are going to want to put your straightener down at certain times during the process. The goal is to avoid placing flat irons on carpet, towels or other materials that could melt or catch on fire. Also make sure that all of your product bottles are a safe distance from the flat iron hotplate.
  1. Pick up some foam pipe insulation.
  2. Trim the insulation to the length of your wrapped cord.
  3. Insert the folded cord into the tubing and you’ll have a tangle-free solution for re-packing.
  4. Use an old shoe box to keep everything together and organized.