Why isn’t DeVante in The Hate U Give movie?

DeVante and Seven are kind of the same person

But as many people have noticed, there is no DeVante in the movie — a character whose journey was a big part of the novel. Instead, the screenwriters folded a few of his plot points into Seven’s (Lamar Johnson) storyline.

Who is DeVante in The Hate U Give?

Devante is a teenager from Garden Heights whose brother is killed at Big D’s party in the beginning of the story. He becomes involved with the King Lords to help support his family, and at one point sold drugs with Khalil.

Did Khalil and Starr kiss in the book?

In the film Starr and Khalil kiss on the night of his death, in the book there’s sexual tension but they don’t kiss. Starr knows that Khalil is a medicine dealer in both, but in the book his reasons for selling drugs and involvement with the King Lords isn’t revealed to Starr (or us) until later in the narrative.

What happened to DeVante in The Hate U Give Chapter 22?

Kenya calls the teens into a bedroom where DeVante lies bleeding. Kenya explains how she tried to stop King, but he pushed her out of the way. Iesha enters. Seven begs her to help, but Iesha says DeVante deserved it and anyone who helps him will get beat up too, especially Starr.

How are Starr 7 Chris and DeVante trapped?

Starr manages to find Seven, Chris, and DeVante through the stampede, but they are all being choked by thick white smoke.

What does DeVante reveal about Khalil?

DeVante reveals Khalil hadn’t been a King Lord. King tried to recruit Khalil, but Khalil refused, and King lied at the funeral to save face. Brenda had stolen from King, and Khalil sold drugs to pay off Brenda’s debt.

What happened in chapter 23 of The Hate U Give?

In Chapter Twenty-Two, Starr’s comment that Chris should prefer a blonde girl like Hailey comes right after her doubt in the grand jury, revealing her fear of white people always choosing to privilege white lives over black ones. If the grand jury does not indict One-Fifteen, they choose his life over Khalil’s.

What happens in chapter 24 of the hate you give?

Summary: Chapter 24. Seven’s car runs out of gas, so the teens leave the car while they look for a gas station. As they approach the street where Khalil was murdered, the teens find a group of protestors chanting, “A hairbrush is not a gun!” Ms. Ofrah stands on a police car, leading the protest.