Who does Bulma have kids with?

At the end of the day, Bulma ditched Yamcha and created a family with Vegeta, which changed the Prince of all Saiyans into a good and loving man. As a result, Vegeta and Bulma have had two children in Trunks and Bulla, with both of them playing their parts in the Dragon Ball series as well.

When did Bulma get enceinte in super?

Dragon Ball Super Episode 77 Will Debut Vegeta And Bulma’s Second Child. Congratulations are in order for a couple over on Dragon Ball Super. Fans may not have been expecting the sudden announcement, but it looks like Bulma is expecting!

Did Yamcha and Bulma have a kid?

Four years after they met, Bulma breaks up with Yamcha and begins an affair with Vegeta, ultimately resulting in her becoming pregnant with his child and giving birth to Trunks.

Did Bulma give birth to Trunks?

Trunks as a baby Trunks is born in November of Age 766 to Vegeta and Bulma, thus making him a Saiyan and Human hybrid, like Gohan. He was an illegitimate child due to the fact that he was conceived as a result of a brief affair between his parents.

How did Bulma get enceinte with trunks?

Ultimately this leads them to develop a mutual attraction and they begin an affair, which results in her becoming enceinte with his child. By the time Bulma gives birth to their son, Trunks, Vegeta flees to space to become a Super Saiyan and doesn’t return until a year later when the Androids arrive.

What did Vegeta name his daughter?

In the anime, Vegeta initially wished to give his daughter a Saiyan name and had decided on Eschalot (エシャロット, Esharotto), however, Bulma chose to name her Bulla before Vegeta could suggest the name.

Is he your son yamcha?

Who married trunks?

Mai is a recurring antagonist and the love interest of Trunks in Dragonball Z: Battle of Gods and later on in its serial adaptation Dragonball Super.

What was Vegeta gonna name Bulla?

Vegeta’s planned Saiyan name for Bulla, Eschalot, comes from “shallot” – a type of onion which fits with her head-shape as a baby and the Saiyan naming trend of vegetable-based puns.

Who married Yamcha?

From around 16-32 years old, Bulma and Yamcha were in an off and on again relationship. However, when looking at all of the problems they had, it’s amazing that they lasted that long. Bulma hadn’t even known Vegeta for a quarter of that time before they had a kid together and eventually got married.

Who gave Yamcha his scar?

With that in mind, it seems likely that Yamcha’s training is the reason for his scars. It’s possible that while preparing for the tournament, Yamcha was cut across the face while facing an opponent carrying a sword. It could be that the purpose of them was to prove just how intense Yamcha’s training process was.

Why does Goten look like Yamcha?

He looks a lot like Yamcha. Adult Gohan seems to have the same hair as him, and even in the future, he gets similar scars to make him look even more similar. … It’s just likely that Akira Toriyama liked his designs for Yamcha and didn’t want them to go to waste.

Who is Vegeta’s girlfriend?


Did Goku sleep with Bulma?

When Bulma explains that she is on her quest because of Summer vacation, Goku ends up not listening and falls asleep. Goku finding out that girls do not have balls Later on, after the two have gone to sleep, Goku wakes up and goes over to a sleeping Bulma in her underwear and discovers Bulma’s “pillow”.

Who is Goku’s wife?


Does Goku Love Chichi?

goku deserve more attention wife than chichi. It comes down to writing. He had multiple kids with Chi-chi out of love, including protecting the Earth for his family. … Goku did also say to Chi-chi that he loves her.

Who does krillin marry?

Android 18
Species Human
Occupation Police officer
Spouse Android 18
Children Marron

Did Bulma cheat on yamcha with Vegeta?


When Yamcha is killed by a Saibamen, Bulma even says that she would have married him if he had survived. How did all go wrong that she wound up with Vegeta marrying her instead? The answer to that is that Yamcha cheated on Bulma— multiple times as a matter of fact.