Why is Helene Fischer so famous?

She has had the best-selling album of the year in Germany five times, in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2017, and 2018. She ranked No. 8 on Forbes’ list of “The World’s Highest-Paid Women In Music 2018”, earning $US32 million. Fischer has been referred to as the “Queen of Schlager”.
Helene Fischer
Website www.helene-fischer.de

Where did Helene Fischer come from?

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Does Helene Fischer speak English?

Helene Fischer is apparently learning to speak English. After a concert at a small venue in Christianskirken, Denmark in December 2011, she was interviewed on stage in English and she seems to have improved in facility with the language since the time of the release of her “The English Ones”, CD.

How old is Helene Fischer now?

37 years (August 5, 1984)
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Is Helene Fischer German?

Helene Fischer is a German singer, dancer, entertainer, television presenter, and actress who was born in the Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk, Russia. Since her debut in the year 2005 she has won numerous awards, including seventeen Echo awards, four “Die Krone der Volksmusik” awards as well as three Bambi awards.

What language does Helene Fischer speak?



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Is Helene Fischer a soprano?

Delightful soprano with many happy songs that Helene delivers with her sweet vocals.

What is Schlager singer?

Schlager music (German: [ˈʃlaːɡɐ], “hit(s)”) is a style of European popular music that is generally a catchy instrumental accompaniment to vocal pieces of pop music with simple, happy-go-lucky, and often sentimental lyrics.

When did Helene Fischer get married?

May 2008
Florian Silbereisen
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Does Helene Fischer perform in the USA?

Yes, you can find Helene Fischer tour tickets to events in Chicago, Seattle, Inglewood, Nashville, Scranton, Camden, Houston, Cleveland, Ridgefield, or Wichita via premiumseating.com.

What genre is Helene Fischer?

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When was Helene Fischer born?

August 5, 1984 (age 37 years)
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Born on August 5, 1984 in Siberia’s Krasnojarsk, Fischer emigrated to West Germany with her family at the age of three.

Where does Helene Fischer live?


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Who is the biggest star in Germany?

Herbert Groenemeyer, Germany’s biggest star, takes on US.

Who is Thomas Seitel?

Thomas Seitel is the man who will make Germany’s most famous singer into a mother. Helene Fischer’s boyfriend is significantly different from her ex Florian Silbereisen. Seitel holds back from the public. Before the 36-year-old got together with Helene Fischer, he gave an interview to the Hessischer Rundfunk.