Are Ashley and Toby related?

In Family Politics, Ashley tries to get into her bathroom, but Toby is already in it. They argue and it’s discovered they are not biological or even step siblings, but are forced to co-habitate because their parents (Ashley’s mom and Toby’s dad) are living together.

Who is Toby’s sister on Degrassi?

Ashley Kerwin

Ashley is Toby’s stepsister.

Why was JT Yorke killed?

He revealed in an interview that the writers decided to eliminate J.T. … In another interview writters asked if he was cool with it and he said yes because before they even told him about this he was debating on wanting to leave the show for collage so he took the opportunity to leave the show to get an education.

Who kills JT in Degrassi?

Drake Lempkey
He is unfortunately brutally murdered by being stabbed in his aorta by Drake Lempkey, a very drunk student from Lakehurst on the night of Liberty’s birthday party while he is looking for her to tell her that he loves her and wants to be with her instead of Mia. Liberty finds J. T.

Who are siblings on Degrassi?

In fact, Cassie Steele (Manny) and Alex Steele (Angie) are sisters in real life. The character “Emma Nelson” was named after the Emmy Award-winning episode of Degrassi Junior High where Spike tells her mom that she is enceinte. All of the piercings that Spinner (Shane Kippel) displays throughout the show are real.

Does spinner become a cop?

Spinner has decided to become a police officer for his career, but that idea is shattered when his application for police college is rejected. However, when telling Jane the news, he lies and tells her he got in, a lie he continued for quite some time.

Do MIA and JT date?

J.T. and Mia began dating in the episode Eyes Without a Face (1), and their relationship started off pleasant, even though it initially seemed as if Mia might be a rebound after his break-up with long-term girlfriend, Liberty Van Zandt.

Who kills JT Yorke?

Drake Lempkey
Drake Lempkey was a student at Lakehurst Secondary School on the TV series Degrassi: The Next Generation. He was friends with Johnny DiMarco. After he stabbed and killed J.T. Yorke, he was arrested and charged with third-degree murder.

Do JT and Liberty keep the baby?

Liberty and J.T. decided to keep the baby, and a they got back together a few episodes later, because they still had feelings for each other.

Why didn’t Emma and Sean end up?

They began dating in Friday Night, but broke up in Under Pressure, when Sean pushed Emma onto the ground while she was trying to break up a fight between him and Jimmy. They got back together in White Wedding (2), but broke up again in the Season 3 episode Gangsta, Gangsta due to Sean’s behavior.

Why did JT and Manny break up?

Overview. They had been good friends for years when J.T. developed a crush on Manny in the third season when she decided to sexualize her image. She turned him down, but the two eventually began to date for around four months; they then broke up due to J.T.’s immaturity.

Do JT and Liberty date?

While serving detention, J.T. praises Liberty for her bravery and she smiles in return. Finally realizing that the romantic feeling was mutual, J.T. and Liberty share their first kiss and begin a relationship. In Secret (1) and (2), J.T. and Liberty’s Dracula play is in effect as new principal Ms.

Does Sean get out of jail Degrassi?

Sean is released from prison and makes amends with Emma. Sean is eventually released from jail and returns once and for all to finally get his life straight. He moves into the Nelson home for the time being and begins working with Jay as a mechanic, as wells as resuming his relationship with Emma.

What STD did Emma get on Degrassi?

Alex, Amy, and Emma all contracted gonorrhea from Jay.

Why did Terri leave Degrassi?

Christina Schmidt (Terri McGreggor)

Schmidt appeared for three seasons on Degrassi before she left to pursue modeling full-time. As a result, her character Terri left the school after her abusive boyfriend, Rick, put her in a coma.

Is Degrassi a real school?

Degrassi Community School is a fictional high school in Degrassi: The Next Generation and the titular academy primarily associated with it.

Is Sean in season 7 of Degrassi?

Daniel Clark (Sean Cameron)

Clark was a series regular on Degrassi for the first four seasons. … Clark made his final appearance to wrap up Sean’s relationship with Emma during season 7.

Why does Craig live with Joey?

When Angela confirmed that a “dinosaur” (Craig’s dad) was hurting him, Sean and Joey went to look for him. They found him at the cemetery visiting his mother’s grave. Here, Joey found out firsthand that Craig was being abused by his dad, so he invited him to live with him.