How do I turn my Dog into God fallout?

The “Dog” identity can be triggered by the sound of Father Elijah’s voice, and the “God” identity is triggered by the sound of his own voice (via holotape or radio).

How do you get your Dog out of the cage in Fallout New Vegas?

Head to the police station in the southwest of the Sierra Madre resort. Enter the police station and destroy the radios on the desks directly in front of you, next to the door on your left and under the desk next to Dog’s cage. Continue through the doors and destroy the radio on the desk just around the corner.

Is there a Dog companion in Fallout New Vegas?

Rex has a unique special attack where he actually tackles enemies to the ground. Rex will growl uncontrollably as if enemies are nearby if you take him into the Silver Rush. If you have him as a companion and go to recruit Arcade Gannon, Arcade will say: “A courier, a doctor, and a cybernetic dog.

How do you get Christine to the elevator?

Quick walkthrough

Go through to the station, dealing with the radio speakers found along the way. Go along the walkways and through the rooms ahead until the maintenance elevator and remote maintenance terminal are reached. Christine will initiate a conversation. Decide to send Christine down in the elevator.

How do you get your Dog to stay at the substation?

Get Dog to wait in the Switching Substation. Find two slabs of ghost harvester remains to convince Dog to stay in the Switching Substation. [Optional] Use the Switching Station terminal to lock Dog inside and force him to do his part of the Gala.

How do I recruit Dean Domino?

If you have at least 50 Lockpick skill and enough health to run through a toxic cloud, you can reach Dean almost immediately by opening the locked gate at the end of the alley directly south of the entrance from the Villa.

Can Christine get her voice back?

The Auto-Doc repeated the procedure for two weeks in which Christine eventually developed claustrophobia as a result. She later regains use of her voice when the operation is completed by the Auto-Doc in Vera Keyes’ hotel room.

Where is Christine in deceased money?

You can find the key in one of the upstairs rooms in a desk (along with the Med-X vending machine code). Once in the basement, access the terminal to shut down the speaker, allowing you to safely reach Christine.

Where is Christine in executive suites?

Enter the suite and find a bookshelf on the left holding a Big Book of Science. Christine is in the bedroom through the nearby door.

How do you get Elijah in the vault?

In order to seal Elijah in the vault, resulting in the Safety Deposit Box achievement, simply leave the vault, retrace the route the Courier followed to get in (or sneak into the hallway Elijah uses to enter the room outside the vault before Elijah activates the security fields; see above) and then remain outside the …

What happened Elder Elijah?

He stubbornly refused to give ground but salvation never came and when NCR finally overran the perimeter, Elijah simply disappeared into the wastes without a warning to anyone, not even Veronica, and was assumed to have deserted the Brotherhood.

Why does Christine stay in the Sierra Madre?

She stayed at the Sierra Madre as a guard to make sure nobody gets hurt there again. It says after time she was able to walk among the ghost people and they revered her just like one of the holograms.