Why can’t I react to messages in discord?

Currently, if somebody has blocked you, you can’t react to their messages at all. I think this should be changed to allow reacting to reactions that have already been placed by other people. Much like how the reaction permission is in servers. You can’t add new ones, but you can add on to ones that already are there.

How do you react on discord mobile?

Tap an emoji.

This emoji will now appear just beneath the message. You can react to the same message with multiple emoji. After adding a reaction, tap the emoji icon with a plus (+) sign beneath it to bring up the emoji menu.

How do you add a reaction to a message discord bot?

To react with an emoji, you need to use the message. react() method. Once you have the emoji character, all you need to do is copy & paste it as a string inside the . react() method!

How do you respond to a message on discord Chromebook?

Hover your cursor over the comment so a bar of icons appears to the right of the message. In this bar, click the arrow icon — or if the arrow isn’t there, like if you’re replying to your own comment, click the ellipsis icon, and then the “Reply” option. 3. Type your reply.

How do I add a custom reaction to discord?

Go to the “Server Settings” and use the “Emoji” tab to upload custom emoji that anyone on the server can use! Keep in mind: Emoji names must be at least 2 characters long and can only contain alphanumeric characters and underscores.

How do I respond to text messages on Android?

A fun feature available in chat is adding reactions to messages. Just long-press on a message until a bubble shows up, presenting you with a few different options, including like, love, laughter or anger.

How do you reply to a comment?

5 Rules for Responding to Comments
  1. Be genuinely happy to receive comments. Thanking the person for taking the time to comment is a no-brainer—yet it’s often overlooked. …
  2. Size matters. …
  3. Respond ASAP. …
  4. Don’t link in comments. …
  5. Spellcheck, spellcheck, spellcheck.

How do you use Discord Emojis?

Open Discord and navigate to the text channel or message you’d like to use. Then, just hover your mouse over the grayed-out emoji to the right-side of your text bar: It’ll turn from gray to full color while hovering. Click on the emoji icon to pull up a list of available emojis right there at your fingertips.

How do I add Emojis to my Discord text channels?

How do you use Discord Emojis without Nitro?

How do you put animated Emojis on Discord?

To add a animated emoji on Discord, all you have to do is find a nice spicy gif and head into Server Settings > Emoji > Upload Emoji > and then select the gif file! I hope that helps!

How do you get emotes on Discord?

You can use the emoji picker to find emojis on Discord. Open Discord and go to the message or text channel you want to use. Then, hover your mouse over the Emoji Picker button next to the text bar.

Where are the Discord Emojis?

Part 1: Free Emoji Websites to Download Discord Animated Emojis
  • 1.Emoji.gg.
  • Animated Emojis.
  • 3.Discord.st.
  • 4.Discordservers.me.
  • Giphy.
  • Getemoji.
  • Tenor.
  • Animated images.

How do you put a GIF on discord emote?

How do I get discord Nitro for free?