What is Facebook’s number for customer service?

If you dial either of the Palo Alto-area phone numbers for the social media mega platform, (those are 650-543-4800 and 650-308-7300, for the record), you’ll get a recording. It will talk you through a series of menus, with each option directing you to send an email to an appropriate account.

How can I ring Facebook?

Contact Facebook customer services by calling their UK phone number 0203 386 6000 for technical support when placing an advert on your business profile and to report inappropriate content.

Facebook contact numbers.
Facebook department Contact number
Facebook international contact number +1800 090 3235

How do I get in touch with Facebook to report a problem?

In the top right of Facebook, tap .
  1. Scroll to the bottom and select Report a Problem.
  2. Select the Facebook product you’re having a problem with.
  3. Describe your problem in the text box, including the steps you took to encounter the issue.
  4. Attach a screenshot (optional).
  5. Tap Submit.

How can I chat with Facebook support 2021?