How do you make cheese on big farm?

How do you get building boosters in big farm?

Big Farm: Mobile Harvest is feeling inspired.

➡️Tap on the building where you want to use your booster. Before starting a production, check out the menu bar. On the left side there is a button which opens the booster menu. Here you can select the booster you’d like to use.

How do you get free gold coins in big farm?

You can also get gold from the daily log-in bonuses. There is thirty gold during the beginning of the week and 50 gold at the end of the week. There is also a way to get gold in the farm laboratory, which is made with dung and caterers (produces 100 gold.) Gold is also given when you make a mistake in the game.

What is the fastest way to get XP in big farm?

Just follow the tasks on the left side of the screen. They give pretty good amounts of XP. You can also mill lots of chicken feed to get quick XP. If you play a lot, you’ll level up pretty fast.

How do you make chicken feed on big farm?

To make the feed of chickens sow corns in he field. Corns will harvest in 5 minutes. Harvest them by clicking on them. Then Click on windmill and then click produce.

What is the dice for in big farm?

Let us introduce you to the lucky dice. Get this new item as a reward or in offers. And the best thing is, you only need one of these lucky dice to skip the time no matter how much is left on the clock! ➡Improvement to the Barn Farmers, great news on your barn!

How do you get buckets in big farm?

You can get some buckets from premium dog bones (in a year I have gotten 450 from dog bones with normal play), but after that you need to buy them with real money. I got mine from Google Surveys and a builders package (550 buckets).

How do you collect herring on big farm?

In your stables you have penguins and seals to look after each day. However, they need something to bite first, which is why you pull sardines and herrings, among other things, ashore in your field. The fish are then processed in the mill to feed. You can also produce berries, golden apples and wood on your farm.

How do you get wood in big farm?

you can get dry wood when you harvest apples or cherries.

How do you get forest honey on big farm?

It is necessary to collect Nectar in order to produce Honey. You receive Forest Nectar from your Orchards (level 7 and higher) as a resource along with your main products and leaves. Use the Forest Nectar to produce Forest Honey in the Beehive.

How do you get gold in big farm Mobile harvest?

Earn it or Grow it
  1. 1 free every day (20 hours)
  2. stage rewards for some weekly theme events.
  3. stage rewards for weekend collecting events.
  4. purchase with loyalty points.
  5. make them in the Fishing cafe. …
  6. purchase with gold.
  7. purchase as part of packages.
  8. free voucher codes from Big Farm.

How do you make workers happy in big farm?

Building/upgrading houses brings more workers & lowers happiness. Building decorations increases happiness. You also get some happiness from other things such as your farmhouse, fence, gate & dog…. oh & one of the farm machines in the garage.

Where do you find bees in big farm?

Bees are found randomly when you harvest the fields on your main farm. Tip: Once you see this event, start planting wheat. Every time you harvest wheat, you find two bees.

How do you make forest honey?