How many beads do you need to make beaded curtains?

You’ll need to measure the height of the space you are covering with your bead curtain so you can get an idea of how many beads you’ll need for the project. For example, to make one 6-foot strand of 6-millimeter round beads, you will need approximately 234 beads.

What string do you use for beaded curtains?

A strong beading wire like Accu-Flex beading wire is a great choice for a beaded curtain. This type of stringing material can handle a great deal of use and will hold up well to the weight of the beads. Be sure to use several crimp beads at each end of each strand for extra security.

How do you install beaded curtains?

How do you hang beaded curtains in a door?

If you prefer not to put holes in the wall, place a tension rod in the doorway and use S-shaped shower hooks to hang the beaded curtain over the rod. Alternatively, use sticky-backed hooks on the wall and hang the curtain on these.

How do you store beaded curtains?

If you use large kitchen trash bags to store them and wrap the bag tight around the beads, the beads will stay nice. Try to store your beaded curtains so that they are not sliding and shifting around each other to avoid scratching of the beads. You’ll get a longer lifespan of sparkle this way!

Can you cut beaded curtains?

Simply figure out exactly how much you want to cut off of the curtain. Mark the string with a marker that you can see. Hang the curtain back up, and cut the extra beads off with scissors. This is all you need to do!

Where do you hang beaded curtains?

For curtains that fit your personal style, make custom beaded curtains for your window or doorway. If you’re hanging your curtains above a doorway, you can place them inside or outside of the door frame—either is fine, depending on your preferences.

How much does a beaded curtain weigh?

This curtain weighs 2.15 lbs. The convenience of fabric rod pockets cannot be overstated.