Is Shakra pronounced or chakra?

Chakra means wheel. In the yoga world it often refers to visualizations or energy centers of a “subtle body”. The first letter of the word is च, pronounced cha, with the “ch” sound like “chair”. It often gets mispronounced as shakra, with an “sh” sound like “shout” or “chandelier”.

How do Indians say Chakra?

9. Chakra. This is by far one of the most popular words in yoga classes. Teachers will tell you to “balance your chakras“—and the way they say chakra is “sh-ack-rah.” This word is actually pronounced “chuck-rah.”

How do you pronounce chakras?

How do you say Chakra in Naruto?

Most people pronounce it like: “Shock-ra” which I find annoying, I’ve studied this kinda stuff and watched shows based on the whole Hindu-Buddhist philosophy like Naruto and always wondered why do we still or how or why did we enter this mispronuciation when I’ve watched shows like Naruto where people pronounce it