What is the meaning of name Shivani?

The name Shivani is primarily a female name of Indian origin that means Follower Of Shiva. Shiva is a Hindu deity.

How do you say Shivani in Sanskrit?

Shivani शिवानी
  1. Suitable for Girl.
  2. Easy to pronounce.
  3. 3 syllables and 7 letters.
  4. pronounced as shi/va/ni.
  5. Hindi (Sanskrit) शिवानी

How is Kiera pronounced?

Pronounce Names
Pronunciation: Keer-rah
Gender: Female
Origin: Irish
Alternate Spelling(s): Ciara
Meaning: Dark

Is Kiera a black name?

Kiera is a female given name. It is an Anglicized version of Ciara, the name of a 7th-century saint, and means ‘dark’ or ‘dark haired ‘ in Irish.


Meaning Dark
Region of origin Worldwide
Other names
Related names Kira, Ciara

Is Keira a black name?

The name Keira is primarily a female name of Irish origin that means Black Haired. Phonetic spelling of the Irish/Gaelic name Ciara. Keira Knightley, actress.

What is Kiera short for?

Kira is one of several Anglicized forms of the Irish name Ciara, which in Irish means “dark haired”. Kira kira also means “glittery, shiny” in Japanese. Variant forms include Kaira, Keera, Keira, Kiera, Kyra, Kyrah, Kyreena, Kyrha, Kyria, Kyrie, Kyrene, Kyrra, and Kirra.

How do you spell Keira in Irish?

Keira is the anglicized spelling of the Irish female name Ciara which comes from the Irish Gaelic “Ciarán” meaning ‘little dark one’. The male version of the name (Ciarán) has been in use for over 1,500 years!

How do you pronounce Keira in Irish?

Saint Cera of Ireland, also spelled Keira, 7th-century abbess.

Keira (given name)

Pronunciation /ˈkɪərə/ KEER-ə
Gender Usually female
Word/name Gaelic
Meaning Little Dark One

Is Keira a pretty name?

Keira is an attractive girls’ name that’s gotten a huge boost from the meteoric rise of Keira Knightley. Original spelling Kiera, which relates more directly to the male Kieran, was the more popular form until the rise of Keira Knightley reversed the order. Both are Anglicized versions of the Irish Ciara.

What does Kara mean?

Kara, the alternative spelling, is from the Cornish word, meaning love. This is likely cognate to the popular Welsh girls’ name Carys. In Greece, the name Kara means “pure”, and is related to the names Katharina, Katherine, and Katrina. In Ancient (and sometimes in modern) Greek language, Kara means Head.

What does the name Keira mean in Greek?

▼ as a girls’ name has its roots in Irish and Greek, and Keira means “black; lord”. Keira is a version of Ciara (Irish, Gaelic). Keira is also a derivative of Kiara (Irish). Keira is also used as a variation of Kyra (Greek).

Does Kira mean killer in Japanese?

Kira can be used as a Japanese name, but it isn’t actually a Japanese word. “Kira” is just the transliteration of the English word “killer“, not a direct translation (and technically it should end in a double A). The word for killer/murderer is “hitogoroshi”.

What does Kira mean in Aboriginal?

KIRRA. Kirra means ‘leaf’ in the Yugambeh language found on the Gold Coast in Queensland (there’s even a suburb there called Kirra Beach) and ‘to live’ in the Murri dialect in southern Queensland. Parents seeking an alternative spelling to the popular Irish versions Keira and Kiera might love this option.

What does Akira mean in Japanese?

A popular kanji is 明 (the combination of the two different characters 日 = sun and 月 = moon) which means “the light coming from sun”, “sunlight and moonlight”, “bright”, “intelligent”, “wisdom” or “truth”. Though Akira is normally used to name males, sometimes it can be a female name as well.

Is Akira Yamatoga a boy or girl?

He is the first male blader to be androgynous in the manga and anime.

Does Akira mean intelligence?

The name Akira is a girl’s name of Japanese origin meaning “bright, intelligent“.

Can Yuki be a boy name?

Yuki (ゆき, ユキ) and Yūki/Yuuki (ゆうき, ユーキ) are separate Japanese given names used for females or males, though they can be romanized the same way when vowel length is not transliterated.

Does Yuki mean lucky?

The name Yuki is primarily a gender-neutral name of Japanese origin that means Snow Or Lucky.

Who does Yuki end up with?

Yuki and his family. At some point, Yuki married Machi, having one son named Mutsuki Sohma between them.