How is Totoro pronounced?

If the 1989 version, hit that William Bellamy pronounciation up. If Disney with the Fanning sisters, then “Toe tar-row” will be fine. o The same way Mei/Satsuki say it on screen.

Is it pronounced Ghibli or jibli?

Yes the Japanese way is as stated, but the Maserati Ghibli is pronounced with a hard g. Ghbili is actually the name of a desert wind from Africa, and that is also pronounced with a hard g.

What does Totoro translate to?

“Oh” means “large” in Japanese, but Oh-Totoro has been translated as “King Totoro” in the U.S. “Chuu” and “Chibi” mean “medium” and “small”, respectively. However, when people say “Totoro“, they are usually referring to Oh-Totoro.

How do you pronounce Satsuki?