What does the word communique mean in English?

British Dictionary definitions for communiqué

communiqué / (kəˈmjuːnɪˌkeɪ) / noun. an official communication or announcement, esp to the press or public.

What is the meaning of Communique in a sentence?

A communiqué is an official statement or announcement. [formal] The communiqué said military targets had been hit. Synonyms: announcement, report, bulletin, dispatch More Synonyms of communique.

Is communique a French word?

The word comes from the French communiqué, or “communicated,” and even in English is often spelled with the French accent on the e — a good reminder of how it’s pronounced, with a final ay sound.

Is communique a letter?

As nouns the difference between communique and letter

is that communique is while letter is a letter (character).

How do I write a communique?

For every communique after the first one, highlight the part of the communique where the author referenced something specific that was said in a previous communique. 3. For every communique, circle the claim, draw a squiggly line under the evidence, and draw a straight line under the reasoning.

What is the plural of communique?

communiqué /kəˈmjuːnəˌkeɪ/ noun. plural communiqués.

What does the word exacerbate?

Full Definition of exacerbate

transitive verb. : to make more violent, bitter, or severe The new law only exacerbates the problem.

What is meant by coercion?

noun. the act of coercing; use of force or intimidation to obtain compliance. force or the power to use force in gaining compliance, as by a government or police force.