Who first wrote Whiskey in the Jar?

“Whiskey in the Jar”
Songwriter(s) Trad. arr. Eric Bell, Brian Downey, Phil Lynott
Producer(s) Nick Tauber
Thin Lizzy singles chronology
“The Farmer” (1970) “Whiskey in the Jar” (1972) “Randolph’s Tango” (1973)

Who wrote Whiskey in the Jar Thin Lizzy?

They needed a hit — something different, something fresh. Then one afternoon, during a break from rehearsing in a room above a pub in London’s King’s Cross, frontman Phil Lynott started fooling around, singing a traditional Irish ballad he knew from the pubs of Dublin.

How old is Whisky in the jar?

“Whiskey in a Jar,” one of the best known traditional Irish vocal ballads, probably originated in the mid-17th century, according to folklorist Alan Lomax, and it has been found in dozens of forms on both sides of the Atlantic.

Who was Captain Farrell?

Whiskey in the Jar tells the story of a highwayman who stalks the Cork and Kerry mountains in Ireland. He is bold enough, or reckless enough, to rob Captain Farrell, an officer in the British army. He counts out the money and then gives for safe keeping to Jenny – his wife or maybe his lover.

What does whack for Daddio mean?

The term “whack” could be a verb for drinking alcohol; “to take a whack”. ‘Whack to my daddy-oh’ could be a reference to drinking to the memory of the author’s father. We know the story-teller is a man who robbed a man for money to spend on whiskey and women.

When did Thin Lizzy record Whiskey in the Jar?

Whiskey In The Jar (sometimes spelt Whisky) is a compilation album by Irish rock band Thin Lizzy, originally released in 1996, covering the early part of the band’s career. There are various versions of this album, released by different record companies, with the same track listing but with different covers.

Why did Metallica cover Whiskey in the Jar?

To honor the country’s most famous hard-rock export Thin Lizzy, the thrash quartet fired up their cover of the group’s 1973 folk song re-working “Whiskey in the Jar,” which Metallica included on their 1998 album Garage, Inc.

When did Metallica release Whiskey in the Jar?

Whiskey in the Jar/Released

Who played lead guitar on Whiskey in the Jar?

As lead guitarist, Bell played on Thin Lizzy’s first three albums Thin Lizzy, Shades of a Blue Orphanage and Vagabonds of the Western World, as well as their hit single “Whiskey in the Jar”.

Where was Metallica Whiskey in the Jar filmed?

Brooklyn, NY
Metallica recorded a video for the song, directed by Jonas Åkerlund and filmed in November 1998 in Brooklyn, NY.

Where Was Whiskey in the Jar filmed?

Watch the Metallica “Whiskey in the Jar” video here below. A cool tidbit (for me, anyhow) is that the video was filmed in November 1998 in my hometown (and current GoD Headquarters) of Brooklyn, NY. Another tidbit: Metallica’s James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett are both part Irish.

When did Scott Gorham join Thin Lizzy?

Current members
Name Years active Instruments
Scott Gorham 1974–1983 1996–present guitar backing vocals
Darren Wharton 1980–1983 1996–2001 2010–present keyboards backing vocals
Ricky Warwick 2010–present lead vocals guitar
Damon Johnson 2011–present guitar backing vocals

Who sang whiskey in a bottle?

Whiskey in a Bottle/Artists

Is Whiskey in the Jar a rebel song?

“Whiskey in the Jar,” a song about a notorious Irish highwayman Patrick Fleming who was hanged in 1650, has become Ireland’s oldest most beloved song a true rebel air that stirs the passions.

What country is Metallica from?


Is the lead singer of Thin Lizzy Black?

Phil Lynott was the first black Irishman to reach the pinnacle of significant musical success, even if it was for a brief time. He started his dream team, Thin Lizzy, in late 1969 with his childhood friend and the band’s official drummer Brian Downey.

Is Whiskey in the Jar a cover?

The song is “Whiskey in the Jar” and the bands are Thin Lizzy and Metallica. Yes, the Thin Lizzy version was a cover and not an original. “Whisky in a Jar” is actually on old Irish traditional song that was called “The Highwayman and The Captain”.

How old is Hetfield?

58 years (August 3, 1963)
James Hetfield/Age

Who created Metallica?

Formed by guitarist Hetfield and drummer Ulrich in 1981, Metallica drew upon punk and early 1980s British metal styles for their first album, eliminate ‘Em All (1983).

Who died from Metallica?

Bassist Cliff Burton
35 Years Ago: Metallica Bassist Cliff Burton Dies in Tragic Bus Crash.

How tall is Hetfield?

6′ 1″
James Hetfield/Height