How do you install a transponder on a windshield?

Place the sticker transponder in the lower left-hand corner or lower right-hand corner of the inside of the windshield. Or, place it behind the rearview mirror on the inside of the windshield (Consider visual aesthetics from inside and outside of the vehicle when choosing the location.)

Can I go through EZ Pass without my transponder NY?

If you want to pass through an E-ZPass lane without a transponder, you must be ready to face a violation and an expensive fine. If you are going to travel out of the state, you must register on the E-ZPass network.

Can I use my NY EZ Pass while towing a trailer?

Can I still use my transponder? Yes. In this instance the equipment in the lane is designed to identify that your vehicle is pulling a trailer and you will be charged accordingly.

What happens if you go through EZ Pass without it in NY?

If you do not have E-ZPass, an image of your license plate is captured and a Toll Bill is mailed to the registered owner’s address on file with DMV. Tolls by Mail customers will pay 30% above the NY E-ZPass toll rate, in addition to a $2 administrative surcharge per billing statement.

How do I know if I have unpaid tolls in NY?

How can I check the status of a violation? Go to and click on Violations and follow the instructions. You will need your violation number and license plate number.

Can I use someone else’s EZ Pass in NY?

Yes. If someone else was driving your car and they get a EZ Pass toll violation, the violation can be reversed and transferred to their account, as long as they are the ones who initiate the process.

How much are tolls in NY with EZ Pass?

New Passenger Vehicle Rates
Crossing E-ZPass (NYCSC) Tolls by Mail / non-NYCSC E-ZPass
Robert F. Kennedy, Bronx-Whitestone, Throgs Neck, and Verrazzano-Narrows Bridges and Queens Midtown and Hugh L. Carey Tunnels $6.55 $10.17
Henry Hudson Bridge $3.00 $7.50
Cross Bay and Marine Parkway Bridges $2.45 $5.09
Apr 9, 2021

Is there a monthly fee for NY EZ Pass?

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey charges its E-ZPass customers a $1 per month service fee. New York State charges E-ZPass customers a $6 annual fee for monthly statements.

Why are tolls so expensive in NY?

Tolls in NY and NJ are so expensive because the organizations responsible for their upkeep have made a lot of really really bad investments in the recent past. Port Authority “owns” and operates most of the bridges running between NJ and NY.

How do you pay tolls in NY?

Tolls by Mail

The bill for your tolls will be mailed to the registered vehicle owner. You can pay this bill by mail, on the phone or in person, using a check, credit card, bank account or cash. Visit the Tolls by Mail site or call 1-844-826-8400 for more information. Go to the Tolls by Mail site.

Are all tolls in NY cashless?

NY Thruway cashless tolls: You had questions. We have answers. That means drivers no longer have the option of paying cash at the toll booths that have lined Thruway exits since it opened in 1954. E-ZPass users, meanwhile, will continue having the tolls automatically deducted from their accounts.

How much is the NY State Thruway toll?

Tolls on the Gov.

Cuomo Bridge, NY E-ZPass customers will pay $5.75 by 2022, increasing 50 cents in 2021 and 50 cents in 2022. In 2022, the passenger toll rate on the Gov.

How do I waive toll fees in NY?

The correct way to get the fees waived is to send E-Z Pass a brief dispute dispute (return receipt requested) along with your payment by check.

How do I avoid toll admin fees?

To avoid being charged, you can use a Shielding Bag or aluminium foil which will prevent the tolling system from recognising the tag. Most tag providers offer tag products with a tag security deposit. Once you pay the deposit, all you pay for is the tolls (providing your tag is used correctly).

How do I dispute a NY Ezpass violation?

You may dispute the toll violations if you believe you are not responsible for them. To do this, contact the E-ZPass Customer Service Center at 718-313-9414 to speak with a customer service specialist regarding your outstanding toll violations and ask for further explanation regarding the dispute process.

Can Ezpass suspend your license in NY?

Yes, the NYS DMV requires a minimum of 3 violations within a 5-year period to allow a request to suspend your vehicle registration.

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Port Authority of NY & NJ – 718-313-9425
MTA Bridges & Tunnels – 718-313-9424

Can Ezpass suspend your license?

Yes EZ Pass tells the DMV that you are a toll evader and your registration gets suspended. If it is not that much money pay it.

What happens if I dont pay Ezpass?

The use of an E-ZPass when there are no funds available is a violation and can result in fees being assessed. If the account is not replenished within this period, a violation notice is issued for the toll plus a $50 or $100 fee per transaction, depending upon the facility, and the customer has 30 days to pay.

What happens if I don’t pay tolls in NY?

If you do not pay a toll in New York for one reason or the other, the authorities will issue a registration suspension. Registration suspension is nothing new in New York State. In fact, hundreds of drivers are issued suspensions daily for violating toll rules regardless of whether they have an E-Z Pass or not.

Can you pay NYS Thruway tolls with credit card?

A: Customers can pay with a credit card through the Thruway Authority’s website. Q: Will I be charged an additional fee to receive the bill in the mail? A: No, customers will not be charged an additional fee, and no late fees will be issued.

How long does it take for NY EZ Pass transaction to show up?

and how long for transactions (tools) to show up? UPDATE looks like it takes about 48 hours for NY EZ pass to post tools you passed/charges

How do I return an extra EZ Pass tag in NY?

The replacement Tag kit will contain a letter listing the Tag(s) to be returned, instructions for returning the Tag(s), the replacement Tag(s), and a prepaid return envelope to be used for returning the requested Tag(s) back to the E-ZPass New York Customer Service Center within 15 days of receipt of the new Tag(s).

How do I know if my Ezpass is working?

If a green light is displayed, it signifies that the transponder is actually working. If you see a red light instead, it means that there is a problem with it. Drive through an EZ Pass lane on a ramp. If a blue or yellow light flashes, then all is well.