What’s the meaning of naivete?

1 : a naive remark or action The farce is noted for its ridiculous acts and naïvetés. 2 : the quality or state of being naive His account sometimes displays a gee-whiz naiveté …— Gregory McNamee.

Is there a word naivete?

Naivete has four syllables and is pronounced nigh-eve-i-TAY. The root naïve is a French adjective meaning “natural, just born.” Because it suggests innocence or ignorance, naivete is often associated with children, who lack experience and knowledge.

How do you use naivete in a sentence?

(1) His Toshi is a heroic character whose naivete and haunted past are shed in this exceedingly likable coming-of-age story. (2) Naive, perhaps, but whom did her naivete harm? (3) She represents purity, innocence, and, in all likelihood, naivete. (4) Again, a little bit of naivete there.

What is the difference between naivety and naivete?

Naive‘ is an adjective that means that someone lacks the wisdom or experience of an adult. ‘Naivety‘ is a noun which refers to the concept of lacking wisdom or experience. A naif would be a person who is naive, though this word is not often used.